Tamar Braxton Responds When Asked If She Will Unblock Her Sisters on Social Media

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

The Braxton family had a lot of explosive moments on BFV.

Tamar Braxton had a lot of issues with “Braxton Family Values.” She was convinced that it hurt the family and ruined relationships. And she also felt like clashing with her family members on television had become way too much. It also took a toll on her mental health. On the recent season, her tension with Traci Braxton only worsened.  It also got physical at Trina Braxton’s wedding. So some fans of the show wondered how Tamar and Traci would ever get past their problems.

Plus, Tamar didn’t really like what the show turned into. For her, things just got way too negative. And she didn’t think it was a good look for the family as a whole.

Tamar was able to be released from her “Braxton Family Values” contract after she attempted suicide. However, her issues with her family also spilled over onto social media. So Tamar decided it would be best to block family members from her social media accounts.

Recently, someone asked Tamar if she was going to unblock her family members. And she responded.

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