‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Stars Confront LaToya Ali for Her Treatment of Falynn Guobadia

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The ladies head to New Orleans.

Fans of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are still talking about the latest episode. And LaToya Ali and Falynn Guobadia had a heated exchange at Falynn’s Halloween party. She hosted the shindig at her house. But that didn’t stop LaToya from taking shots at Falynn’s husband.

In fact, LaToya said that Falynn’s house is nice and it must be a benefit of being with a “65-year-old.” Falynn’s husband, Simon Guobadia, is actually in his 50s.

After more shots were taken, Falynn got so upset that she tried to run up on LaToya with a golf club. And security had to step in to keep things from getting physical.

On the upcoming episode, this comes up while the ladies are in New Orleans for Drew Sidora’s trip. While out to eat, LaToya says, “Not another Falynn party.” Kenya Moore then asks, “Why do you keep saying Falynn’s party was boring?” In response to this, LaToya says, “Falynn’s party was boring until I hit the scene.”

LaToya Ali doesn’t back down.

It’s at this point that Cynthia Bailey speaks her mind on the situation, “You guys don’t have to be friends, Toya. But you just can’t come into someone’s home and insult their husband.” LaToya says, “Well, I did.” Cynthia adds, “I think it was inappropriate and disrespectful.”

Kenya thinks LaToya has been targeting Falynn for no reason, “It’s like you have it out for her for no reason. She hasn’t done anything to you.”

Drew takes notice of the fact that LaToya isn’t drinking and asks her why. LaToya says that she just doesn’t feel like drinking. But Drew thinks there’s more to it than that, “When you drink, you do get a little aggressive. Well, a lot of aggressive. And is that why you’re not drinking?”

Annoyed at this point, LaToya begins to sing, “I just don’t feel like it, b*tch.” An irritated Porsha Williams then says, “You calling Drew a b*tch?”

Check out the preview below.

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