‘Married to Medicine’ Star Anila Sajja Confronts Dr. Contessa Metcalfe After Rahki Blowup

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Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe continue to have tension.

Married to Medicine” stars Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Toya Bush-Harris have been clashing for years. And Dr. Simone Whitmore seems to think that the real issue is that Toya doesn’t feel like Contessa respects her. This comes after Contessa made some shady comments about Toya and Dr. Eugene Harris throwing a party to celebrate paying off their tax debt. Regardless, Contessa just thought that Toya blew the whole situation out of proportion. But it’s been hard for both women to just coexist in the group since.

Newbie Anila Sajja was hoping that she could get both women to hash things out at her Rahki dinner. However, Toya was still fuming about Contessa’s last visit to her home. According to Toya, she asked Contessa and other guests to remove their shoes after entering. And Toya was told by a family member that Contessa complained about this on social media.

So Contessa and Toya exchanged words at Anila’s event. Contessa got fed up and decided that it would be best for her and Dr. Scott Metcalfe to leave before things got much worse. However, Anila and her mother saw this as a disrespectful thing to do.

On the upcoming episode, Anila confronts Contessa.

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