‘Married to Medicine’ Star Anila Sajja Confronts Dr. Contessa Metcalfe After Rahki Blowup

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Anila Sajja’s dinner was eventful in more ways than one.

Things got pretty messy once again between Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Toya Bush-Harris on the recent episode of “Married to Medicine.” Newbie Anila Sajja invited the cast to her Rahki dinner. And she pushed Contessa and Toya to hash things out. Of course, things went left.

On the upcoming episode, Anila tells Contessa that she felt disrespected by how things went down, “I do feel like things at Rahki definitely got sidetracked. I felt very disrespected that night, at the end of the night.”

In response to this, Contessa says, “Honestly, you did that.” She continues, “You could have chosen, as I’ve said over and again, to let me and Toya deal with me and Toya.”

Anila acknowledges she did push Toya and Contessa to talk. Contessa then says, “Then don’t try to be the person in the middle of a conversation or relationship when you haven’t gotten to know me. You’re not advocating for me.”

In a green screen interview, Contessa says Anila is just being Toya’s cheerleader, “You know nothing about Toya and I. All you know about is Toya. You’re not really trying to be a peacemaker, you’re trying to be Toya’s cheerleader.”

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe apologizes.

Anila goes on to say that moving forward, she won’t be trying to get Contessa and Toya to talk anymore. But she does feel like Contessa was threatening towards her mother. After Contessa got up to leave the Rahki dinner, Anila’s mother grabbed her in an attempt to get her to reconsider, “My issue is you kind of threatened my mom a little.”

After Anila says this, Contessa responds with, “That feels like a leap. I threatened your mom?”

Contessa has more to say in a green screen interview, “I could have sworn your mother got up and accosted me.”

Regardless, Anila tells Contessa her mother was just trying to calm Contessa down to keep her from leaving the dinner. And her mother meant no harm grabbing Contessa because she has a different culture. Contessa brings up black culture, letting Anila know that people keep their hands to themselves to avoid problems. Regardless, Contessa does end up apologizing to Anila. And both women are able to laugh about it all.

Check out the preview below.

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