‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Heavenly Has Blowups with Anila & Toya

married to medicine season 8 episode 4
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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” the tension in the group continues. Anila is feeling some type of way about Contessa’s exit from her Rahki dinner. Although she realizes she overstepped her boundaries by trying to get Contessa to make up with Toya, she didn’t like how things unfolded with Contessa and her mother. Anila’s mother grabbed Contessa to try to talk her out of leaving. But Anila says Contessa threatened her mother by demanding that she kept her hands off of her so she could get far away from Toya during such a heated moment.

However, both Anila and Contessa are able to hash things out and move on.

But Toya won’t have the same kind of progress with Heavenly. So when Simone and Heavenly put together a basketball game between parents and their children, an argument ensues between Heavenly and Toya. Of course, Heavenly wastes no time in telling Toya what Quad said about her.

Heavenly also has a heated moment with Anila as they discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Here’s a recap for, “Home Court Advantage.”

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