‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star LaToya Ali Calls out Drew Sidora’s Husband Ralph Pittman

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LaToya Ali had some things to say on Twitter.

Well, it looks as if Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali may not have patched things up at the reunion. In fact, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars continue to throw shade at each other on social media. And earlier today, LaToya not only called out Drew bit Drew’s husband Ralph Pittman wasn’t spared either.

In a series of tweets, LaToya wrote, “I was sick at the Reunion. Drew had Ralph’s barber BARGE into my room without knocking with a camera in my face and said “compliments of Drew Sidora” and handed me a Vitamin C packet. Security kicked him out. Drew denied it. LYIN A*S HEIFER!”

She continued, “I can’t stand a fake Christian they are the first to cast judgment.”

LaToya shaded Drew for having a child out of wedlock, “You the same one had a child out of wedlock. My heathen self was married and had 3 babies boo. And I get called out for reacting crazy. Wouldn’t you if someone barged into your personal space while getting dressed and on top of that recording me without my permission?”

She concluded with, “Ralph stay out of women’s drama and go back to your side piece’s house in Tampa. I’m sure her peach is juicier.”

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