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GUHHATL Recap: Bow Wow Gets His Answer + Deb’s Listening Party Angers Jhonni

GUHHATL Season 4 episode 10

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Deb feels good about the project but Reemarkable makes a mistake.

Waka receives a visit from his mom Deb. Deb talks to Waka about Da Brat’s meeting with Jhonni. The conversation went well and Deb’s pleased. Since everything went well, Deb’s going to host a listening party, inviting them both, and Waka. Waka’s nervous that with all of the clashing personalities, something’s going to go down. 

Meanwhile, Da Brat’s in the studio working on her track with Diamond and Reemarkable for Deb’s project. Da Brat was inspired to get emotional on the song by Diamond and her drama. Reemarkable wasn’t there at first with Da Brat and Reemarkable because she laid her track on her own. She arrived later on to play her verse. Da Brat and Diamond are frustrated with this because Reemarkable’s verse didn’t fit what they were rapping about. 

To make things even more emotional, Jhonni Blaze shows up and seemingly has a panic attack. Da Brat remains calm and asks Jhonni to sing the hook for the song. Jhonni’s nervous because Da Brat gave her this second chance and she really doesn’t want to disappoint. Eventually, Da Brat got Jhonni in the booth and everyone is impressed with Jhonni’s hook. 

Bow Wow learns he’s the father.

The next day, Bow Wow’s at his condo when BT stops by. Bow Wow shows off his YouTube subscriber plaques. He recently hit over 1 million subscribers. Andy hits Bow Wow up, asking him to view an email. It’s the results of the DNA test. Although he says the child doesn’t have his looks, the results show he is the dad. And, he’s excited to have a son. BT’s happy for him too. 

At Icon Studios, Deb’s starting to panic. She doesn’t have all of the records and the listening party is a few days away. Da Brat comes by to tell her about her song with Diamond, Jhonni, and Reemarkable, and what influenced it. Deb listens to the song and hears Reemarkable’s verse, getting angry. In fact, she says Reemarkable’s verse is pulled. 

Tammy has a secret that will frustrate Waka.

At their house, Tammy and Waka are cooking when Tammy’s mom stops by. Charlie’s turning 15 and is Tammy’s hosting a quinceañera for her. Waka doesn’t know the true cost of the event, which is over $20,000 and counting. When Waka finds out, he’s not going to be happy about it. 

Later on, Ayana stops by and of course, Tammy asks about what she’s going to do if she sees Reemarkable at Deb’s listening party. Ayana is going to do all she can to avoid her. Tammy’s not going to the party because she’s setting up the quinceañera and has to figure out how to tell Waka about the unexpected costs for the party. 

At Da Brat and Jesseca’s house, their home is still being renovated, causing major headaches. Jesseca needs Da Brat to throw out old clothes and Da Brat isn’t going to do any of that. Of course, they found time to talk about Da Brat’s track and how Deb wants to pull Reemarkable off the song. It’s not Da Brat’s problem and she’s not going to call and tell Reemarkable about it. She says Reemarkable should’ve followed directions. 

It’s the night of the event and Da Brat hopes Diamond receives an apology from Pimpin about what occurred. 

Reemarkable’s frustrated about being pulled from Da Brat’s record.

Pimpin and Bow Wow are heading out to the listening party and Pimpin feels like he will be attacked at the event. Bow Wow feels Pimpin shouldn’t attend. Meanwhile, Jhonni’s super excited to be at the event. She poured her soul into the project and it means everything to her. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast makes their way in. Reemarkable heard she was removed from the song and Da Brat’s frustrated over how she may act. 

Meanwhile, Shaniah’s frustrated Bow Wow didn’t let her know he had a son. Khi sees Diamond walk in, who’s single, and he’s ready to take her off the market. 

When Diamond arrives, she tells Da Brat she isn’t sure Reemarkable will show up. Lastly, Deb arrives and she’s furious. She only has one song and is ready to teach a lesson. Deb meets up with Diamond and Da Brat and explains that Reemarkable’s verse didn’t fit the record. 

Next, Ayana sees Shaniah but she’s not interested in talking and a frustrated Reemarkable walks in with her team. Reemarkable heard from Buku that she was removed and she is ready to know why. Meanwhile, Ayana’s also avoiding Reemarkable. As Reemarkable talks with Deb and Da Brat, Ayana tiptoes away. 

Da Brat and Deb explain why she was removed from the song and Diamond explained that she adjusted to what Da Brat wanted. Things get tense when Reemarkable feels some type of way referring to herself and Diamond as “vets,” being comfortable to be coached. Deb then calls her hard-headed. 

Jhonni goes off and Deb has had enough.

Despite this, things seemingly end positively as Deb gives her speech as to why one song will be played. She calls out everyone and has the song played. However, the sound was terrible. At this point, Da Brat is pissed and leaves. Jhonni’s angry because of the sound. She put her emotions and effort into the song because everything else was not the way it needed to be. 

Jhonni goes off on everyone, especially Deb. Deb says she feels like a fool for even working with her. 

Outside, Jhonni continues to yell, venting to Diamond about everything she had to do in order to work on the project. Deb walks outside to talk to her and Jhonni goes off. Deb matches her energy, yelling right back, telling Jhonni to grow up. 

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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