‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Responds When Asked if Husband Cheated

Photo Credit: Bravo

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe has had tough moments in her marriage.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Contessa Metcalfe has been transparent about the ups and downs in her marriage. In fact, her marriage to Dr. Scott Metcalfe was tested a lot when she decided to go back to school. The school she attended happens to be in Tennesee. So Scott had to hold things down with their children while Contessa was away. When she would come back home in between classes and coursework, it was clear that Scott was frustrated with their arrangement.

As for Contessa, she started to feel as if Scott wasn’t being supportive enough. Her dream job is to someday become the Surgeon General. And she told the rest of the cast that she has had to make sacrifices for Scott before, including, leaving the Navy.

After some heated moments on the show, Scott came to the conclusion that he was in the wrong. He apologized to Contessa and promised to be more supportive as she worked towards her dreams.

So they appeared to be on the right track by the end of season 7. However, it seems as if things will actually worsen between them on the current season. In fact, the trailer for the season has some fans wondering if Scott may have cheated on Contessa.

Interestingly enough, Contessa was asked this during a recent interview.

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