RHOA Recap: Porsha Clashes with Marlo & Kenya as the Bolo Drama Continues

RHOA Season 13 Episode 16
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Big Freedia makes her appearance.

The ladies get on the bus to head to the surprise that Drew said she is setting up for them. They get to a restaurant and are told to put on aprons. And they are happy when they see Big Freedia there. She greets all the ladies and says she’s going to show them how to make booty poppin’ potatoes.

While they are finishing up cooking, Marlo talks to Kandi and Kenya about her conversation with Porsha. She says that Porsha said she didn’t sleep with Bolo. Kenya says this is a lie and Kandi says that it’s really no one’s business and Porsha doesn’t have to tell anyone what she did or didn’t do anyway.

Regardless, Kenya says she won’t be made out to be the villain. She knows what she heard. In a green screen interview, Marlo says Porsha is making her look crazy by lying to her.

Marlo goes off.

The ladies sit with Big Freedia to enjoy the booty poppin’ potatoes she showed them how to make. However, there’s some tension. Marlo then asks Freedia what she would do if she was put in an uncomfortable situation by two friends. Freedia says she doesn’t like confrontation. And she would walk away and not be in the middle of any drama.

Porsha gets irritated and says that she thought that she and Marlo already hashed everything out in private. Marlo wants everyone to just put everything out on the table.

Kandi tells Marlo that’s what’s going on between Porsha and Kenya has nothing to do with her.

Kenya questions why Marlo would bring this up in front of Freedia. This is a messy thing to do in Kenya’s opinion.

As Porsha and Kenya make it clear they aren’t interested in discussing this, Marlo gets angry and tells both women they are “fake a*s b*tches” and need to confront each other as she gets up from the table.

Can Kenya and Porsha agree to just move forward for the sake of the group?

Kenya and the others are upset that Marlo blew up in front of Freedia. They thank her for her time and Drew is feeling like Marlo ruined the surprise event she worked hard to put together. Outside, Drew fails to persuade Marlo to go back inside the restaurant. And Marlo says someone is lying to her and whoever it is, she’s going to be done with them.

When Kenya sits back at the table, she has another back and forth with Porsha. Kandi brings some calm to the situation and says that if someone did sleep with a stripper, it doesn’t affect anyone else personally.

Kenya says that if she did anything with Bolo, everyone in the group would have something to say.

Another spat occurs between Porsha and Kenya. Porsha sarcastically says she slept with Bolo and every other man there that weekend, including the man who made the pig. In a green screen interview, Porsha says she refuses to get angry because remaining calm only upsets Kenya more.

Kandi just wants a resolution and peace in the group. So she asks both women what it will take for them to have that. And Kenya says she doesn’t really know.

Porsha and Kandi head out.

Kandi and Marlo discuss what happened later back at the hotel. Marlo says that she doesn’t want to be friends with Porsha if she lied to her. Marlo says Kandi knows what really happened because her room was next to Porsha’s. But she doesn’t want to say anything because she wants to keep the peace.

Hours later, Kandi and Porsha end up leaving New Orleans. As Kandi was leaving, she tells LaToya that Porsha actually got on a flight hours before. As for Kenya, she’s disappointed that Kandi left without telling her. But Kandi wanted to leave to get ahead of the hurricane since she has to get back to her acting gig.

After Porsha and Kandi leave, Marlo has a conversation with Kandi and Cynthia in Cynthia’s hotel room. Kenya says that she really doesn’t care about the Bolo situation. It’s time to move on because it’s causing problems in the group.

As the hurricane hits Louisiana, the hotel loses power.

Porsha isn’t interested in working things out with Marlo.

The women return to Atlanta and Porsha stops by Cynthia’s home. They are both in good spirits since Biden has officially won the presidency and Georgia turned blue. In a green screen interview, Porsha gives Stacey Abrams her credit.

Cynthia also has Porsha help her film a video to promote her black business pop up shop. In fact, Porsha is going to co-host the event with Cynthia.

They discuss Porsha’s abrupt departure from New Orleans. She says that after the messy dinner, she decided she needed to leave what she felt was a toxic situation. And Porsha hates that all the messiness happened in front of Freedia. As for Marlo, Porsha is over Marlo. She believes Marlo is just out for herself and will hurt anyone if it will help her.

Cynthia thinks Marlo is just going through some things and lashing out at others.

Porsha ignores Marlo.

Kandi FaceTimes Cynthia and invites her and Porsha to come to the tasting event for her new restaurant, Blaze Steak & Seafood.

When all the ladies get to the tasting event, Marlo tries to speak to Porsha. But Porsha pays her dust and says that Marlo is being fake in her green screen interview.

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