‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Davis Helps Charley Recover + Aunt Vi Clashes With Darla’s Mom

Queen Sugar Season 5 episode 8
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Blue has a nightmare.

The episode begins with Blue running on the farm and reliving the trauma from his interaction with the officer. As the officer pulls out a gun and shoots, Blue awakens from a nightmare scared. He opens his bedroom door to see if anyone is outside his room. When he doesn’t see anyone, he gets back under the covers visibly shaken.

Meanwhile, Charley is laying on the couch unable to move when Davis rings her doorbell. He also calls but Charley is unable to reach for the phone. Davis is unable to get in so he breaks a windowpane and unlocks the door. When he gets in and makes it to Charley, she tells Davis she may have Covid. He then calls the doctor, checking her symptoms.

The next morning, Darla is angry. Darlene tells Darla of her plan to have Blue attend a very prestigious school in DC. She was able to pull strings through her connections to get him not only admission, a full ride. However, Darla doesn’t want this for Blue at all.

Meanwhile, Aunt Vi and Nova are talking on the phone, recapping everything that has gone on. Aunt Vi asks if she and Calvin are going to get engaged but Nova doesn’t know if it’s going to happen soon. Aunt Vi also tells Nova things between her and Hollywood are “up and down.”

Davis is by Charley’s side.

Davis stayed with Charley during the night as she slept on the couch. She’s still weak and he carries her up to her bed. As this happens, Calvin returns to Nova’s. She’s happy to see him but she still feels stressed. Nova expresses this to him, which surrounds marriage. Calvin notices it’s difficult for Nova to even say the word. He jokes that they can be like Oprah and Stedman. This gets Nova to relax about it as she laughs. He then tells her that he’s willing to do whatever she wants whether it’s marriage or not.

At Aunt Vi’s, Darla calls. Darla explains to Aunt Vi she’s angry at Darlene for going behind her back, enrolling Blue into the prestigious private school. However, Ralph Angel is considering letting Darlene keep Blue to attend the school. Aunt Vi says that this isn’t an option. When they hang up, Aunt Vi tells Hollywood and Prosper she’s going to make sure this gets handled.

Charley’s in her bed sleeping with Davis still by her side in the chair nearby. Davis thinks about their past, including the infidelity and divorce. Eventually, Charley wakes up as Davis checks her temperature. Charley tells Davis she can’t go to the hospital, saying there aren’t enough doctors and beds. However, Davis says he will take her if she doesn’t get any better. She also realizes Davis put her hair in a ponytail, and she thanks him.

Davis also disagrees with Charley about not telling Micah about her condition. He tells Charley that Micah should have the choice to decide whether or not to come home.

Things get tense between Darlene and Aunt Vi regarding Blue.

Eventually, Aunt Vi calls Darlene to talk about Blue. Aunt Vi tells Darlene Blue isn’t moving to DC. The conversation gets intense between her and Darlene and they hang up abruptly. Hollywood hears what’s going on and gets critical about Aunt Vi’s reaction. He tells Aunt Vi that this isn’t her battle.

Later that night, Darla and Ralph Angel talk about Blue’s acceptance at the school. Ralph Angel explains that he doesn’t want to do it but he can’t protect Blue forever. Darla says they can teach Blue everything they need to know. But Ralph Angel says Blue is a smart kid and there is nothing Darlene could do to change him. Despite this, Darla puts her foot down and says Blue isn’t going anywhere.

Charley developed a strong cough and Davis brought her a broth to drink. Realizing she’s coughing on Davis causes her to break down and cry.

Meanwhile, Hollywood and Ralph Angel share a drink on FaceTime and toast to the black women in their lives. During the talk, Hollywood expresses he misses hanging out with his friends and Ralph Angel. Ralph Angel tells them they need Hollywood’s venue to open, hopefully once Covid is over. Afterward, Aunt Vi has Hollywood in the restaurant for a surprise. It’s an appreciation dinner. The dinner includes a Mac and cheese recipe his mom made.

Aunt Vi did all of this as a reset for their relationship. This puts a smile on Hollywood’s face.

Darla and Ralph Angel seemingly make up their minds.

Calvin and Nova are in bed when Nova wakes up. She grabs her robe and gets out of bed to head to her office. She goes to her computer to work on her article when she receives an email. It’s of police in New Orleans beating a kid so badly, he’s paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Aunt Vi and Hollywood are in their bedroom and Hollywood tells Aunt Vi of an idea, to start his “Real Spot” via Zoom. Aunt Vi tells him this is a good idea.

Back at Charley’s, Charley awakens and is seemingly feeling better. Davis stayed up with her all night, keeping an eye on her. He tells Charley that she’s going to be okay. She admits to Davis that she was scared. He then is shocked to hear that Charley doesn’t want anyone to know about her condition. Nor does she want anyone to know he came over to help her after she called for his help. Charley really doesn’t want to have to answer any questions from the family about any of this.

At the farm, Blue’s playing Jenga with his parents having a good time. When Ralph goes to the kitchen, he notices the acceptance letter for Blue. As he reads it, he glances at Blue and Darla, shaking his head. Darla then comes in and hugs him. He tells Darla that they can do all they can to make sure Blue will succeed and get a great education where he is.

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