Kenya Moore is Hurt Porsha Williams Didn’t Defend Her During Feud with NeNe Leakes

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Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore discussed their fallout.

Fans of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” were shocked to see Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore building a friendship on the previous season. In fact, they bonded over motherhood, but the peace didn’t last. And Kenya doesn’t understand what she did wrong to cause their fallout.

During the After Show, both women were asked about their breakdown in friendship.

Porsha said, “It’s so unfortunate cause when I started the season, I came in like I’m cool with everybody. I couldn’t wait to see everybody honestly. She was even one of the people to be honest. I’m always looking forward to a different side of Kenya. And I’m always optimistic that there will be a different side. But then I always meet the same person.”

Kenya Moore wanted Porsha Williams to have her back.

Kenya said that Porsha didn’t defend her when she clashed with NeNe Leakes, “People wonder why I am acting the way I am now. It’s pretty simple. When a former cast member came back into the scene, she is the last person that I thought wouldn’t defend me when it came to someone literally throwing things at me, attempting to spit on me, and she had nothing to say. I get out of my seat to talk to her friend and she says I’m provoking them.”

She also said Porsha started all their drama, “She started all of this, she decided where her loyalty lies but what hurt me the most to my core is her not standing up for me when it comes to my child. That I would have to say was the most hurtful thing because that was a protected bubble. When I tell you I was a fan of our relationship, I was a fan. It was a genuine care I had for not only for her, the health of her baby, and Shamea. That was our bubble. I mean who do you know that can say they were pregnant at the same time?”

Kenya continued, “All those years where we were enemies, friends, frenemies, and I finally let my guard down when I was pregnant and I became your real friend. And supported you every way that I possibly could have.”

She concluded with, “And what came of that is pure hate in return.”

Kenya Moore is accused of being miserable.

Shamea Morton said that all three of them were really close when they were pregnant and it was great. However, she never knows what she’s going to get from Kenya when she sees her. So she has to walk on eggshells around Kenya.

Porsha went on to call Kenya miserable, “It’s honestly so unfortunate because I feel like I’m a joy. I feel like I’m a joy to the people around me. And I have joyful people around me. And I feel like if she just wasn’t so miserable she probably could actually receive some happiness from the people around her. How can you be Cynthia’s friend? Look at how sweet she is. She’s so sweet, she was getting married, you know, such a positive…what does she always say? Love and light? And then Kandi cane. You got two sweet friends and you come bring them out of town and don’t feed them. You put them on a bus, you bring your child, and don’t tell Kandi whether she can bring her child or not. And she still had your back on that issue.”

She added, “Sometimes you have to really see how some people treat other people and then make a decision whether you want to be in a relationship with them or not.”

The two women also talk about this at the reunion, too. And Porsha said she didn’t like how Kenya showed up to Marlo Hampton’s wig launch with a marching band. Kenya and Marlo then called Porsha out for actually laughing when the situation happened.

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