‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Teddy Confronts Ceaser After His Girlfriend Slams His Daughter on IG

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Suzette has been clashing with Ceaser’s daughter and baby momma Crystal.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser was a hot topic on social media after he confirmed his latest romance. Before he made the update on his love life, he was at odds with Miss Kitty. And he was angry because he heard rumors that she hooked up with Ryan. He felt betrayed. So things only got messier from there. However, he’s now in a serious relationship with a woman named Suzette. She’s a realtor and they now live together in Cease’s new Atlanta home.

Cease hopped on social media to talk about how happy he is with Suzette. He feels he finally found the right woman to support him and help him become a better person.

Even Cease’s baby momma Crystal was a supporter of the relationship. However, the peace didn’t last. And Crystal and Suzette began to exchange jabs online.

At some point, Cease’s daughter Cheyenne began to have issues with Suzette as well. This led to them taking shots at one another on Instagram. However, one of Suzette’s clap backs was so controversial that people began to call her out for the comments she made towards the teenager.

When Cease didn’t call Suzette out publicly for her actions, he also began to receive some backlash. Interestingly enough, the situation will be discussed on the upcoming episode. And Teddy calls out Cease for what went down.

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