‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Teddy Confronts Ceaser After His Girlfriend Slams His Daughter on IG

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Teddy doesn’t seem to be a fan of Suzette.

When it comes to Ceaser, the “Black Ink Crew” star has had a very messy love life. His breakup with Dutchess led to multiple feuds and Dutchess’ departure from the show. And his fallout with Miss Kitty caused her to become the outcast of the New York crew before heading to Chicago. Now Cease has found love with a realtor named Suzette. While they found happiness with each other quickly and now live together in Atlanta, drama caused a stir on social media.

Not only did Suzette clash with Cease’s baby momma Crystal, but she had a war of words with his daughter Cheyenne on Instagram. At one point, Suzette even made some accusations about Cheyenne’s alleged s*xual history. This crossed the line for a lot of people because they feel an adult should not be speaking on a teenager this way on social media. However, the backlash didn’t make Cease call out his girlfriend publicly for coming for his daughter.

On the upcoming episode, Teddy confronts Cease about this. And he doesn’t think it was cool that Suzette said the things she did about Cheyenne.

In the scene, Teddy says, “That sh*t that she did, going back and forth with Chey on social media, that sh*t is a dub, bro. It’s over.”

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