‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Feuds: Briana Drags Boogie + Pepa Confronts Lil Twist

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

Lil Twist and Pepa have tension over Sam.

Things will get heated on the current season of “Growing Up Hip Hop.” Pepa has had enough of Twist taking shots at Sam. They haven’t been on good terms since Twist expressed romantic interest in Egypt seasons ago.

Pepa attempts to check Twist about this. On an upcoming episode, she says, “You’re constantly always talking about Sam.” In response to this, Twist says, “You should buy him some pants.” He adds, “Sam should cover his a*s.”

Pepa wasn’t feeling this and tells Twist, “Stop looking at his a*s and cover your face.”

In a green screen interview, Pepa says she feels disrespected by Twist, “Who does this guy think he is talking to an OG like this?”

Boogie’s friendship with Briana fades.

Briana Latrise and Boogie also have some issues. In one scene, Boogie attempts to tell Briana he loves her, but she’s not feeling it. She says, “No, you don’t f*cking love me. Don’t ever say that bullsh*t.”

He later says the following in a green screen interview, “The next time I talk to Briana, I would like to talk to her about her drinking.” They have another heated conversation in which Briana tells Boogie, “You a p*ssy, my n*gga. You spoiled b*tch!”

Boogie tries to play it cool, “Sounds good.” But Briana doesn’t hold back, “F*ck you.”

Check out the trailer below.

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