GUHH Star Lil Twist Responds After Pepa Says He Made Homophobic Comments About Sam

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Sam remains a target of criticism.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Lil Twist doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving his opinions. And he’s not a fan of Egypt’s relationship with Sam. In fact, Twist believes Sam is using Egypt to advance himself. He’s not the only person on the cast who feels this way. In fact, Tee Tee and Briana have made the same accusations. This of course led to both women falling out with Egypt. As of now, Egypt believes people are unfairly coming for her relationship. So she’s fine with cutting off anyone who doesn’t support Sam.

With Egypt and Pepa checking anyone who has an issue with Sam, it was only a matter of time before Pepa had some words for Twist.

On the upcoming episode, Pepa confronts Twist about the criticism he’s had about Sam. While Twist has said that he thinks Sam is a questionable person, Pepa thinks the real issue is Twist has some homophobic views. Well, Twist has responded. And he had no problem breaking down what his issues with Sam are.

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