‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Egypt Criss Learns of Messy Rumor About Tee Tee’s Fiancé

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The rumors continue.

Tee Tee used to be very close to her cousin Egypt Criss and her aunt Pepa. However, the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star has been very distant from both lately. Things changed a lot after Egypt began a romantic relationship with Sam. Even though Sam claims that he’s with Egypt because he’s in love with her, Tee Tee believes that he’s just using her. So when Briana Latrise told her about the rumors she heard about Sam and his baby momma, Tee Tee wanted to get the information back to Egypt as soon as possible.

Plus, Tee Tee was hoping she could talk Egypt out of marrying Sam.

Well, Sam had information of his own. And he told Egypt that Tee Tee is just jealous of her. And Tee Tee is actually in love with him.

Tee Tee has denied this. And since Egypt and Pepa aren’t so sure that Sam isn’t telling the truth, Tee Tee has decided to put some distance between her and her family.

Interestingly enough, rumors about Tee Tee’s fiancé Shawn will be discussed on an upcoming episode.

In a preview, Egypt has a conversation with a family member. And they bring up Shawn, “I head her man was cheating on her.”

Egypt is stunned by this revelation.

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