‘Black Ink Crew’ Suffers Massive Drop in Ratings

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Ratings drop to historic lows.

When the drama between Ceaser and his daughter unfolded on social media, a lot of “Black Ink Crew” fans questioned if Cease was just doing the absolute most to have an interesting storyline.

His daughter Cheyenne accused him of beating her after she didn’t wash the dishes. She also had a war of words with Cease’s girlfriend, Suzette. Crystal got involved, and she sided with Cheyenne. And some of this has been playing out on the show.

Interestingly enough, the ratings for “Black Ink Crew” have dropped significantly.

On the previous season, the least-watched episode brought in 680,000 viewers. Last week’s episode brought in 440,000 viewers. This is the biggest drop in the history of the show.

There have been a lot of changes on “Black Ink Crew.” Sky is no longer on the show. She left after things got explosive with her youngest son Des. And she received a lot of backlash from fans for telling him that she should have swallowed him or aborted him.

Miss Kitty also left the show and relocated to the Chicago spinoff where she gets along much better with the cast.

Big Fish Entertainment is no longer producing the show, and there appears to be more focus on tattooing.

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