‘Married to Medicine’ Star Quad Webb Slams Toya Bush-Harris’ Parenting

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Quad Webb goes in on Toya Bush-Harris, again.

Toya Bush-Harris probably didn’t anticipate that she’d be on Quad Webb’s bad side after the comments she made on Instagram Live. The “Married to Medicine” star was discussing Quad’s demotion on the show with Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore. According to Toya, Quad wasn’t sharing enough about her life while she was focused on “Sister Circle.” And Toya said all Quad wanted to do was just film with Dr. Heavenly Kimes in her “bullsh*t a*s apartment.”

Quad was heated. And she told Heavenly that she heard Toya had to take out a personal loan to get a pool in her custom home. She also said that she would expose Toya at the reunion.

Even though the reunion has been filmed, Quad still had some venom for Toya during her “Watch What Happens Live” appearance with Dr. Contessa MetCalfe.

When Andy Cohen asked Quad to say three things she admires about Toya, Quad struggled. And she came for Toya’s parenting.

Quad said, “I think she is a subpar mom. I think that’s great…you heard what I said. If you’re saying that two children during the pandemic are hard for you to teach after being a teacher and that’s an issue for you…”

She continued, “I think she spends a lot of money. I really don’t admire that either because I take my money to Morgan Stanley.”

Quad Webb defended Porsha Williams.

Contessa stepped in and said that Toya has a beautiful home and Quad agreed with this. The one thing that Quad could say she admired without Contessa’s help is that Toya picked a great husband, “And I think she picked her man well.”

Andy also asked both ladies what they think about Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia’s engagement. Contessa took issue with the fact that they are engaged after only being together for one month. She doesn’t think one month is enough time to really get to know someone or bring them around your children. As for Quad, she said it’s not about the length of time that they’ve been together. She knows the couple and thinks Simon and Porsha are “beautiful people.” And that people who have been married already know when someone is right for them.

Quad also doesn’t see the issue as a betrayal of Falynn Guobadia, “She was not Falynn’s friend and it is what it is.”

Check out both clips below.

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