GUHH Recap: Cree & Uncle Luke Have a Breakthrough + Tee Tee & Shawn Come up with a Plan

GUHH Season 6 Episode 7 Recap
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Boogie and Savannah have a second date.

The episode begins with Boogie prepping for his second date with Savannah. Boogie and Savannah are still feeling each other out but it’s just them this time. Savannah was surprised they weren’t going out to spend a night on the town but Boogie is being a little frugal.

While they’re hanging out, Savannah asks about his tiff with Briana and Boogie says it happened because of her drinking. In fact, he wanted to tell Briana she needs to slow down. When he tells Savannah about the intervention set up for him, Savannah’s taken aback.

Next, Boogie asks if this going to be a friendship or something more, Savannah tells Boogie she’s “about Gucci or Prada.”

Lil Twist hosts an event but Tee Tee grabs the attention.

The next day, Lil Twist’s is at his house hosting an event for his house shoe line. Eric’s on the way with his wife Aaliyah. While they’re on the way to the event, they talk about the rumor involving Shawn allegedly cheating on Tee Tee. They also talk about how the rumor originated from Egypt. Speaking of which, Cree and Savannah are en route, and Cree’s nervous. But Cree also gets the scoop on Savannah and Boogie. Savannah tells Cree Boogie isn’t her type and calls him cheap. Of course, they talk about the rumor and Cree hopes Vanessa squashed the situation.

Boogie couldn’t make it because he’s in Las Vegas. Of course, Egypt and Sam don’t attend. So Boogie and Sam are hanging out. Sam asks how things go with Savannah and he tells Sam Savannah’s too young for him. Boogie then tells Sam Tee Tee invited him to the wedding in Jamaica.

Eric tries to get answers from Tee Tee.

Back in LA, Eric and JoJo make it to Lil Twist’s event with their wives and everything is cordial. When they link up, the couples talk about the rumor involving Tee Tee. Just then, Vanessa walks in followed by Tee Tee, who shows up without Shawn. Things seem awkward when Tee Tee walks in and Eric walks over to check on her. Eric asks where Shawn is and things get even tenser. Tee Tee walks away without answering making Eric believe it was true.

Later on, Cree and Savannah show up, and Tee Tee side eyes them both. On a lighter note, Cree gets a pair of slippers from Lil Twist as a gift.

When everyone arrives, Lil Twist tells everyone the event is also a paint and sip party and has them paint a free-hand design. The best-judged design will be incorporated into a new house shoe design.

When Briana shows up, Cree asks about why she went off on Boogie at the anniversary dinner. Briana says she was drunk and it wasn’t the worst she could’ve done.

Cree opens up about her relationship with her father Uncle Luke.

Next, Briana coaches the cast with their paintings and she notices Cree painted a broken heart. It symbolizes her relationship with her father Uncle Luke.

Afterward, Savannah asks about the painting and Cree vents about her relationship with Uncle Luke and praises her stepfather Ted. Meanwhile, Briana invites everyone to a dinner party she’s hosting. However, members of the cast are still talking about the rumor. Lil Twist notices and decides to escort most of everyone out except Briana and Tee Tee. But before they leave, Savannah tells everyone Boogie isn’t her type, saying she wants an “8 figure n***a.”

Eric then asks why she spent so much money at his dispensary. She tells him she has an account just to spend on weed.

Tee Tee and Shawn decide how they’re going to address the rumor.

Before the party ends, Tee Tee decides she’ll address the rumor when Shawn gets back to town.

When she gets home, Tee Tee meets with Shawn at their LA home to talk about the rumors. When they sit down, Shawn tells Tee Tee not to cancel their wedding before filming ends. They also decide to go to Briana’s event and address the rumors with Briana’s permission.

Cree and Uncle Luke seemingly have a breakthrough.

Back in Miami, Uncle Luke is out with his other daughter and his nephew Supa. Cree walks in a short time later and things start off well but Cree’s on edge. Things being to turn tense when Cree asks her dad why the relationship took a turn for the worse. Luke says he wants to bring his family back together.

Luke brings up how his kids didn’t call him on Father’s Day. Cree responds by saying that he didn’t call for her birthday.

Tears begin to flow when Luke responds to Cree saying her step-father Ted was more of a father to her than he was. Things lead to the two of them going back and forth. But Luke calms things down when he says his door is always open to Cree and all of his children and all of them have a special place in his heart. He also expresses regret that their past was as strained as it was.

This gives Cree hope that their relationship will get better.

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