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GUHH Recap: Tahira & Shawn Address the Rumors + Eric Clashes with Savannah

GUHH Season 6 Episode 8

Photo Credit: WE tv

Eric meets with Sam and Egypt.

The episode begins in Las Vegas. Egypt bought Sam hairless, Egyptian kittens. Somehow, Sam convinced Egypt they should breed the cats for money.

Eric stops by for a chat and he invites Sam out for a talk with him and JoJo. Sam brings up the tension from the last time he interacted with JoJo. Eric wants them to be cool but Sam feels slighted because JoJo doesn’t want Sam to perform at his event; only Egypt.

Interestingly enough, Treach will be in town to talk to Sam about all of this.

Speaking of which, Eric tells Egypt and Sam how he’s disappointed regarding the cheating rumors that Egypt spread. Egypt and Sam respond saying they’ve had tension with Tahira for years and Egypt had just wanted to confide in Savannah. In his interview, Eric says there was a tactic behind Egypt telling Savannah.

Egypt then says she doesn’t believe she and Tahira will ever be as close as they were again.

Tyran visits Tahira.

Meanwhile, Tyran arrives in LA and stops by Tahira’s. When he arrives, Tahira tells Tyran about the rumors Egypt’s spreading and how she learned it from his mom Pepa and aunt Dawn. This puts Tyran in the middle as she tells her cousin she wants nothing to do with Egypt and Pepa. Lastly, Tyran learns from Tahira the wedding might not happen when it’s supposed to.

The next day, Briana is setting up for her event when Tahira arrives. When she arrives, Briana tells her JoJo invited her to be in the showcase and she’s going to consider. Unfortunately, Tahira’s not going to attend. This leads to Tahira running down her drama with her family. She asks to address this at the event and Briana’s down for it.

Treach advises Egypt and Sam to end the drama.

And in Las Vegas, Treach is in the studio when Egypt and Sam stop by. Egypt’s nervous because Treach wants to talk, most likely about the family drama. Egypt tells Treach she’s not good with Tahira and he’s not happy about it. He’s big on respect and despises the fact Egypt didn’t even reach out to her regarding the pregnancy.

He tells Egypt she and Tahira need to talk.

Briana tells everyone she isn’t changing.

Back at Briana’s party, Briana’s flirting with her chef as the guests begin to arrive. JoJo arrives with Tanice and Vanessa. This is the first time Tahira and Vanessa talked and Vanessa’ nervous about it. She was the one to tell Tahira about Egypt’s rumor and how Cree and Savannah spread it. In fact, Tee Tee tells Vanessa Cree is likely not going to plan the wedding. Speaking of which, Cree and Savannah arrive.

Things are tense as Tahira dodges questions about her and her family. When she gets up and leaves, Cree and Savannah feel disrespected by Tahira due to Tahira not answering their questions.

Treach makes a request.

Back in Las Vegas, Treach asks about the beef between Sam and JoJo. Sam tells Treach how he felt disrespected by JoJo siding with Lil Twist. Treach says Sam needs to squash the beef and not take Egypt’s offer from JoJo personally. It could be messing with her bag. Things get tense when Egypt is told to leave the room so Treach could talk to Sam one on one. This makes Egypt nervous.

As Briana’s event continues, Eric walks in with Aaliyah and Boogie. Lastly, Shawn and Tyran show up and everyone’s here. When Briana sees Boogie, she pays Boogie the cold shoulder. Boogie equates this to her drinking and will eventually address it. On a positive note, Briana tells JoJo she’s going to perform in the showcase.

Eric clashes with Savannah.

Back at the studio, when Egypt leaves, Treach asks Sam to talk to JoJo one on one, as he suspects Sam has trouble taking things personally. Sam says he was going to slap JoJo the next time he saw him but he’ll talk instead.

Eventually, as the party gets going, Briana sits everyone down and explains how and why she is how she is. In his interview, Boogie says Briana needs to articulate herself sober. But then, she gives Tahira the floor who brings Shawn with her. Shawn speaks first addressing the rumor, telling them they’ve been dealing with the rumor for a while now. Tahira then says not to address the rumor if they are friends and not to spread it.

This announcement brought out different reactions, including Savannah who feels Tahira and Shawn addressed her personally. This leads Savannah to say she didn’t do anything and she just heard the tea. Eric steps in saying Tahira didn’t address her about it. This leads to an argument between Eric and Savannah.

Eric goes off because he feels Savannah talked to him disrespectfully. So he lets her know he won’t tolerate it because he’s never going to allow anyone to come for his manhood. Savannah walks away to call Stevie J., and Aaliyah has to calm Eric down.

Eventually, the party is getting ready to end and the drama continues. Everyone is shocked when Tahira reveals there’s no longer a date for the wedding. And she’s not going to explain why. But she and Shawn still plan to get married eventually.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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