GUHH Star Savannah Checks Stevie J. & Stevie Jr. After Her Blowup with Eric

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Savannah and Eric clashed amid the rumor about Tee Tee and Shawn.

Growing Up Hip Hop” is in the middle of another eventful season. On the current season, newbies Savannah and Cree are already having some drama within the group. It all started after Egypt told Savannah that she heard Tee Tee’s fiancé Shawn cheated on her.

Savannah was caught off guard. So she decided to talk to Cree about the conversation she had with Egypt. In her opinion, Tee Tee needed to know what her cousin was saying behind her back. But since Savannah isn’t close to Tee Tee, she urged Cree to get the information to Tee Tee since Cree had been chosen to plan the wedding. However, Cree later decided she wasn’t the right person to talk to Tee Tee about this. So she told Vanessa.

Vanessa went on to tell Tee Tee what was said. And Tee Tee felt some type of way about Cree and Savannah spreading the rumor. But it would end up being Eric that Savannah clashed with over the situation at Briana’s event.

On the upcoming episode, Savannah and Eric will hash things out. But not before Savannah checks her father Stevie J. and her brother.

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