GUHH News: Treach Reveals Why Tee Tee’s Fiancé Shawn Left a Bad Taste in His Mouth

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

Treach had something to say about Shawn.

“Growing Up Hip Hop” newbie Cree isn’t the only one who will try to get to the root of family issues on the upcoming episode. Tee Tee‘s rift with some of her family members has worsened thanks to a certain rumor about Shawn. Her aunt Dawn told Egypt that she heard that Shawn cheated on Tee Tee. Pepa said she heard the same. And Egypt was the one told Savannah. And in time, the rumor made its way to the rest of the group.

So Tee Tee doesn’t want anything to do with Pepa or Egypt.

On the upcoming episode, Treach heads to Tee Tee’s place to talk about the situation. While en route, Tyran asks Treach if he’s ever met Shawn before.

Treach says no but he goes on to reveal why he has an issue with Shawn, “I had a bad taste in the mouth just for the situation that went down in Jamaica just cause Egypt was there by herself. And you know, it was supposed to be a family conversation, immediate family. And then I’m hearing he sitting in…as far as part of the conversation.” He continues, “It was lopsided from the door. Egypt was just there by herself to get attacked, so…”

Check out the preview below.

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