Joseline Hernandez Claps Back After Balistic Beats Receives Backlash

Photo Credit: Zeus Network/YouTube

Balistic received backlash on social media.

It’s probably not a surprise that Joseline Hernandez has been having drama on “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta.” In fact, she’s been clashing with a lot of the women as they compete for the grand prize. Their issues took front and center at the reunion. And Joseline didn’t hold back as she argued with the ladies she had problems with.

Interestingly enough, it’s the preview for part two of the reunion that really enraged people.

At one point, Balistic also got caught up in the drama. He exchanged words with Big Lex. Fans took issue with his threatening tone. And they didn’t like the fact that he seemingly tried to run up before security stepped in.

So they took to social media to call out Balistic and even wrote harsh comments on his Instagram page about it. Joseline took to Twitter to call out his critics.

She wrote, “Y’all stay out of my husband page with the bullsh*t. We stand behind each other 100%. A lot of you don’t share that type of bond with your significant other. But us – we are 4 tires, 10 toes, shock and awe, ying and yang. You will not understand. Dummies.”


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