‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Things Worsen Between Raq & Unique + Kanan Gets Caught Up

Photo Credit: Starz/YouTube

On the latest episode of “Raising Kanan,” Unique is on a rampage. He’s still trying to figure out who is behind the cops showing up to his re-up. His first suspect is his childhood best friend. And he shoots and kills him before realizing that Raq had something to do with his misfortunes.

After Unique realizes that Kanan has a crush on Davina, he makes her a deal she can’t refuse. And she gives him the information on Raq’s stash house. Unfortunately for Kanan, he happens to be there when it’s robbed by Unique’s crew. This will only worsen things between Raq and Unique.

Jukebox finds out Famous got into a recording studio and artist showcase thanks to Jessica’s help. So she turns to “boosting” once more to get cash so she can record music. And her decision to help a security guard saves her from a trip to jail. She also gets even closer to Nicole.

Here’s a recap of, “Don’t Sleep.”

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