Martell Holt is Asked if He Loves His Former Mistress Arionne Curry

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Marsau Scott and Louis Whitlow have some questions for Martell Holt.

Martell Holt said his marriage to Melody Holt didn’t work out because he wasn’t getting all he needed in their bedroom. Plus, the “Love & Marriage: Hunstville” star feels as if marriages also don’t work out because women can be too argumentative. Before Destiny Payton-Williams confirmed her divorce from La’Berrick Williams, Martell told her that her marriage would eventually be tested because he felt she had too much mouth. Fans of the show accused Martell of being misogynistic, but Martell stood firm on Instagram and said what he stated is backed up by divorce statistics.

Regardless, the end of Martell’s marriage was a result of a string of infidelities, according to Melody. And he ended up fathering a child with one of his former mistresses, Arionne Curry.

On the upcoming episode, Marsau Scott wonders if Martell is completely sure that the baby is his, “Did you get a DNA test?” And Louis Whitlow asks, “Do you love her?”

Interestingly enough, Martell recently revealed that although he’s officially divorced, he’s not in a relationship with Arionne.

Also, things get heated between Destiny and Melody after a disastrous encounter with Tiffany Whitlow. Check out the preview below.

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