LHHATL Recap: Yung Joc Swings on His Son After Their Conversation Goes Nowhere

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Safaree feels he needs time away from Erica.

After leaving the baby shower before the event really started, Safaree flies out to Miami. He meets up with Trick Daddy to catch up. They discuss Erica and Safaree says Erica has been destroying his things out of anger. So he left because he didn’t want his daughter to see dysfunctional behavior.

Yung Baby Tate enjoyed her time in Jamaica to celebrate her birthday. She sees her “spiritual friend” Floss to get a reading. She is told that there’s a lot of success in her future. When it comes to love, she is advised to take her power back and remember who she is.

Yandy is moved by a surprise.

Mendeecees takes Yandy out for a romantic evening at a private restaurant to make up for his comments on “VH1 Couples Retreat.” It hurt Yandy after Mendeecees said he couldn’t confirm he would hold her down if she was the one who had to serve time in prison. He tells her that he didn’t mean it. And now he can say that he would have her back, too if she was the one in his position.

A singer, Queen Naija, comes to them and begins to sing. This makes Yandy break down in tears. Mendeecees then asks Yandy to renew their vows in Dubai. The judge approved of Mendeecees leaving the country for travel. Of course, Yandy says yes and looks forward to their big day together.  But the couple isn’t sure they want Mendeecees’ mother Judy there. It’s been rocky between all of them. In fact, Judy accused Yandy of paying Mendeecees to say certain things about her on TV. They also question if Infinity should be there.

Joc meets with his son Amoni’s mother. She breaks down in tears and says she needs Joc to try to get Amoni back on the right track. He’s been hanging around the wrong people. And she’s really worried about him.

Yung Baby Tate goes out on a date with a woman named Yada. She says she’s been liking girls since she was 4. And she considers herself bis*xual. The two women agree to go on another date to get to know each other better.

Erica is ready to end her marriage.

Bambi comes by to see Erica after her and Safaree’s house was robbed. She’s seen Safaree out partying in Miami on Instagram and not wearing his wedding ring. It’s hurtful to her that she’s pregnant, the house was robbed, and Safaree wasn’t even there to make her feel safe. So she’s ready to move forward with a divorce.

Yandy and Mendeecees invite some of the cast on the trip, including Erica Dixon as well as Sierra and her new boo Erik. Erik is the same guy Bk accused her of cheating on him with. But Sierra says she didn’t cheat. Safaree, Erica, Bambi, and Scrappy won’t be in attendance because the women are due to give birth very soon.

They cast heads to the Versace Hotel after they arrive in Dubai.

As the crew is out shopping, Rasheeda pulls Yandy to the side and tells her she could be pregnant. She didn’t have much of a period and it was spotty. Rasheeda doesn’t think it’s a good time to have another baby.

Joc has had enough.

After Joc’s club is shut down because of the shooting Amoni’s friend was behind, he meets with Amoni in the club one last time. He hopes Amoni will see the true ramifications of the situation this way. The conversation doesn’t go far because Joc doesn’t feel like Amoni is listening to him. So he throws a chair and ends up swinging on Amoni before security separates them.

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