‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Lou Lou Plays with Fire + Raq Comes up with a New Plan

raising kanan season 1 episode 6
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Howard may have a chance.

Raq is back at the apartment complex to meet with the inspector. He grills her and lets her know she can’t make any changes to units she doesn’t own. The inspector is attracted to Raq. So he’s willing to meet with her alone and discuss what can be done so they can both get what they want in the end.

Howard has a brief conversation with his doctor and asks what it would mean if he recently found out he has a son who is 15. She tells him that they usually require bone marrow donors to be over 18, but they could make a special accommodation for him. Plus, the child would have to have their guardian sign off on this.

Unique makes a promise he doesn’t intend to keep.

Raq pops up at the location of Crown’s showcase. She’s not thrilled that Lou Lou is spending a lot of his money to pay the expenses. She wants Lou Lou to sell drugs at the event, but he tells her he wants to keep this new venture completely clean. This annoys her.

Lou Lou heads to see Unique. He asks Unique to not bring any drama to the showcase. And he can promise that Raq won’t come there to start trouble either. Unique acts like he agrees to this. But he later tells Scrappy and one of his associates to shoot the event up.

Kanan comes clean.

While Raq is giving Kanan a haircut, she tells him Scrappy told her they got arrested for fighting. Kanan admits that he told Symphony not to tell Raq that he picked Kanan up, and this upsets Raq. She tells Kanan that he’s keeping way too many secrets and he’s not mature enough to have a bigger role in the crew.

Nicole pops up at Jukebox’s home. Jukebox is happy to see her.

Meanwhile, Raq tells Marvin and Lou Lou that Deen missed the re-up. And she hasn’t heard from him, so she has no idea what’s going on. After she leaves, Lou Lou tells Marvin that Jukebox is singing at the showcase. So he should be a father and watch her perform.

Deen is done with Raq.

Things don’t go well when Raq visits Deen during his grandmother’s latest game of Bingo. He tells Raq that he knows about the deal she made with his associate Smurf behind his back. Smurf is now dead. Even though Raq used Smurf to sic Howard on Unique, Deen wasn’t feeling this. He thinks Raq is too sneaky to trust. And since Unique has offered to give Deen more money to cut Raq out and only work with him, Deen has decided he no longer wants to do business with Raq.

Kanan tries to convince Marvin that they should sell crack to white people. But Marvin isn’t feeling this because Raq told him to stay away from Kanan. But Kanan tells Marvin to just think about it.

Raq goes to the bodega and talks to the owner’s wife, Julia. She’s sporting a bloody lip from her husband. But she’s not willing to admit this to Raq. With Deen done with her, Raq asks Julia to talk to her cousin. And let him know she wants to meet.

Burke approaches Jukebox.

Since Howard took a sick day off, Burke is doing some investigating of her own. She sees Jukebox hugging Nicole goodbye before she gets on the bus. Burke approaches Jukebox and tells her Nicole is very pretty. And she’s in the neighborhood because she’s investigating D Wiz’s death. So if Jukebox ever wants to talk, they can.

Jukebox isn’t interested and Burke takes one of the showcase flyers for herself.

Raq meets the inspector back at the apartment. She tells him they are only making a cash deal. He assaults her and attempts to r*pe her. But she hits him over the head with a hammer. Marvin later shows up and Raq tells him to dispose of the man.

Kanan apologizes to Jukebox.

Jukebox locks herself in the bathroom. Famous and Nicole aren’t able to persuade her to come out and nail her performance at the showcase. But when Kanan arrives, he apologizes for hurting her feelings by threatening to expose her secrets. And he tells her she can conquer her nerves and perform.

Marvin kills the inspector by shooting him in the head twice with a nail gun. And he buries the body in the wall of the apartment.

Raq is done with Symphony.

Symphony tries to talk to Raq at the showcase but she storms off. After he catches up to her, she says they can’t see each other anymore because he went behind her back and picked Kanan up when he was arrested. Before Raq departs the venue for good, she tells Lou Lou she’s proud of him. But he needs to be prepared to get up in the morning to make his money back. And she tells Burke (who is sitting in the parking lot) to tell Howard that the most dangerous place to be is in between a woman and her child. This confuses Burke.

While in the showcase, Crown rolls a blunt that he laces with crack. He offers it to Jessica and Nicole to take a puff. And Nicole is the only one who takes him up on the offer. She enjoys it, too.

Lou Lou improvises.

Famous and Jukebox take to the stage to perform his song. Kanan notices that Famous is rapping about Buck Twenty’s death. Kanan narrates and talks about how rappers ofttimes rap about crimes they didn’t actually commit.

During their performance, Scrappy and one of Unique’s associates walk inside. When Lou Lou notices and gets a feeling he’s the target, he starts a brawl between Brooklyn and Queens. This forces Scrappy and the associate to retreat. And the associate pulls a gun on Scrappy, telling him that he and Unique know he’s playing them for Raq.

Marvin takes his men to go see a gas station, the place Kanan told him they could sell crack.

Kanan loses his v*rginity to Davina.

Scrappy’s body is dumped off at Raq and Kanan’s house.

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