‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Davis Apologizes + Billie Recalls A Painful Event

Queen Sugar Season 6 episode 3 Recap
Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Queen Sugar,” Prosper returns home and is greeted by the entire Bordelon family. However, the tension between Aunt Vi, Billie, and Nova takes center stage. Things reach a climax when Aunt Vi reveals the source of their tension. Billie also reveals her side of the story to Nova which leaves Nova with tears of regret.

Next, the farmers, including Ralph Angel, are facing a tough time as the government drags their feet about the USDA settlement. Interestingly enough, Ralph Angel’s friend Theo appears at the opening of Hollywood’s The Real Spot and offers a way for him to make money. This leaves Ralph Angel to make a tough decision.

Lastly, Micah experiences a panic attack at school, Hollywood meets Celine and Gabriel, and Davis apologizes to Charley’s family and reveals a major professional milestone.

Here’s the recap for, “You Would Come Back Differently.”

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