‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Rachel Says Ryan is a Psychopath for Sleeping with Friend’s Ex

black ink crew chicago season 7 episode 1
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On the season premiere of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” a lot has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. After getting back to normalcy somewhat, the group attempts to move forward. Ryan is back to focusing on 9Mag. And even though his tattoo shop is still thriving, his personal life needs work. His close friend Anthony aired him out on social media because Ryan slept with his baby momma. And this happened behind Anthony’s back. To make matters worse, Anthony told Rachel what happened. She now believes Ryan is a psychopath to do this to a friend. So their co-parenting relationship isn’t what it was.

Charmaine wants to make 2nd City Ink a bigger priority. So she hires Miss Kitty as a brand manager. However, it won’t be easy to balance building the business with her father battling cancer.

Phor has a baby on the way with his girlfriend Nina. But he needs more reasons for them to be together other than just a child.

And Don has a health scare that sends him to the hospital.

Here’s a recap for, “Ready to Reclaim Our Time.”

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