Candiace Dillard Feels RHOP Cast is Critical of Her Feud with Mia Thornton Due to Colorism?

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Is colorism an issue in the RHOP group?

Candiace Dillard has questioned if some of the backlash she receives from “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans is due to colorism. And she’s having the same questions when it comes to her costars amid her ongoing feud with Mia Thornton.

During the After Show, she was asked why she got so upset when Karen Huger tried to intervene and tell Candiace she crossed the line by coming for Mia’s mother, who happens to be a recovering drug addict.

Candiace said, “This big b*tch has been coming at everybody in this group all year but now you wanna come at me because I’m responding? No. Not on my watch today. Stop it. Then I get upset because I feel like once again, standards are different. And we can talk about why that is if you would like but the standards are different for me and those that look like me in this group because I respond better than you.”

Regardless of the backlash, Candiace Dillard has no regrets.

As for Karen, she worried that the situation could have turned violent, as it has before during Monique Samuels’ final season.

“She’s got to get to know someone before she starts hurling personal accusations about family. You don’t know Mia. You don’t know Mia’s mother. Don’t speak on it until you know the facts because you don’t know. Thank God it was Mia. You don’t know what could have happened. Thank God Mia’s a grown woman and tossed the salad. I worry about Candiace speaking to people that way about their family and you don’t know them.”

Karen added, “Take the time to get to know her or anyone before you attack them personally because it could go left quick. And this was ugly.”

And Karen can only be grateful that things didn’t get much darker. “You know, I lost my mother. And Mia’s mother has been through a lot. And you just don’t disrespect one’s mother. I’m just grateful it didn’t go any further. It could have.”

Despite the feelings of Karen and the other ladies on RHOP, Candiace has no regrets. “I’m not sorry that I responded the way that I did because Mia wanted smoke. And she just wasn’t prepared to get my brand of it. And she got out of character a lot…who else did she get that rough and tough with? Nobody. And she thought that I was the one and she got what she got.”

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