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Ashley Darby Goes off After Candiace Dillard Seemingly Calls Her a Slave

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

After a short moment of peace, things get worse on Wendy Osefo’s couples’ trip.

Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby will once again exchange jabs on the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” After Candiace’s epic blowup with Mia Thornton, the group attempts to move forward and go out to eat. But Ashley decided to ask Chris Bassett his thoughts on the situation.

“So I have to ask you, Chris, how do you feel about what happened earlier today between Mia and Candiace? Did you want to come in and help and deescalate the situation?”

Chris says he did and he cussed Candiace out. “I did because I don’t subscribe to that. Look, y’all are gonna do whatever y’all do. G and I have not had a direct conversation but we know, look, y’all gonna do what y’all gonna do, but we good. Right?”

Mia gives Chris some love, “Because you’re a real man.”

Chris goes on to say that he wants to be on good terms with Michael Darby, too. “Exactly. We good. But I’ll be honest, I would like to get to a place with Michael where I am with G, where you two can go back and forth, and Michael and I can just be like look, it is what it is.”

Ashley responds with, “Well, that is where you are. But Michael just has opinions about how you are and how you control yourself like how you do your daily life. Like how you had strong opinions about how he lives his life and what he’s done.”

Chris replies that he hasn’t said anything bad about Michael. Ashley refutes this and the producers flash back to the previous reunion when Chris said Michael disrespected every woman on the show.

Gizelle Bryant interjects and says both husbands have “had words with each other.” But Chris still doesn’t agree. “I’ll be 100 percent honest. I have never talked sh*t about Michael. Not once ever in life.” Ashley brings up Candiace, “But your wife has and that has rubbed my husband so wrong.”

Chris wants Ashley to understand that the main issue is actually between her and Candiace. But Candiace chimes in on Michael’s past comments, “Michael referred to Chris as white trash.”

Ashley then snaps at Candiace, “What do you say about him? You call him a slave driver? I’m pretty sure you did.” And Candiace calmly says, “I have never referred to Michael as white trash.” But Ashley isn’t backing down, “You did, you called him a slave driver.” Producers flash back to a previous tweet from Candiace calling Michael an “overseer.”

Candiace has no regrets about the tweet. “Because he drives his slaves.” Chris sees where this is going and tries to get Candiace to retreat. “I want you to stop right now.” However, it’s too late. Ashley responds with, “So you calling me a slave? B*tch you can’t get it straight to save your motherf*cking life! Cock your little eyelash sideways…yeah. Go head.”

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