‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Nova’s Harassed, Ralph Angel Gets Bad News + Celine Crosses the Line

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6 Recap
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Charley’s spa date gets cut short with good news.

Charley’s deciding to slow down with her national political aspirations. She tells Davis but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal as she seems preoccupied with flirting with Davis via FaceTime.

Later on, Charley spends time with Aunt Vi and Nova for an at-home spa day. Of course, Charley can’t stop talking about Davis. Aunt Vi and Nova point this out, saying Charley’s sprung. Charley’s mood changes when a text comes through and Charley has to leave suddenly. Meanwhile, Darla and Ralph Angel are on their Babymoon.

Darla’s appreciative of the trip and thanks to Ralph Angel for making it happen. Ralph Angel just wants Darla to relax.
Later on, Charley heads to meet a Democratic committee representative. Apparently, her Gayle King interview made big waves. Waves so big, the Democratic Party wants Charley to run for Congress in 2022.

Police barge into Nova’s home.

When Nova gets home, she calls her editor Liza, letting her know she’s taking the weekend off. She then gets into her bed to prepare for a quiet weekend. But that doesn’t last long. She’s awakened by police pointing guns at her. They have a warrant to search her property for narcotics and then they take her under custody on her front porch. As they ask her questions, they insult her and her work with True Papers. Meanwhile, Micah’s leaving the movies with his friend Isaiah and he lets him know he has a date. This takes Micah by surprise.

Prosper’s rehab is seemingly going well. He’s being cheered on by Billie and his nurse as he completes his workout. After the rehab, Billie offers a father/daughter date, and Prosper agrees.

Celine crosses the line.

Hollywood’s with Gabriel at the barbershop and he hears from a barber that the Sheriff is looking for Ralph Angel. Hollywood calls Ralph Angel immediately to let him know. This sours Ralph Angel’s mood. Hollywood learns from Ralph Angel he did work for Theo and Hollywood asks if it would blow back onto Ralph Angel. Ralph Angel doesn’t answer but says he’ll handle it. To lighten the mood, Hollywood drops Gabriel off at Celine’s motel. Celine thanks Hollywood for all he’s doing for Gabriel.

When they hug, Celine goes in for a kiss and it throws him off. He backs off and walks away kind of angrily. He then tells Celine that she has someone in her life that looks out for her the way he looks out for Gabriel; Aunt Vi. He also says she’s trying to mess that up. This causes Celine to cry and run off.

Guns are drawn when Dominic intervenes.

Dominic comes outside to see what’s going on with Nova, confronting one of the armor-clad cops. When he says he’s pulling out his phone to document this, the officer assumes he is going for a gun, draws his weapon, and knocks him to the ground. Another officer takes Nova to the ground as well when she tries to intervene. She panics and Dominic calms her down while he’s on the ground. 

Other people come around with their phones out recording and the cops back off from the two. 

Hollywood makes it home and tells Aunt Vi about what Celine did. The news obviously angers Aunt Vi. Aunt Vi wants to “make a stop” at this point, likely to visit Celine.

Davis wants Charley in California. 

In a park, Charley’s walking around in New Orleans, observing the people in the area. Davis calls and learns about the meeting Charley had. However, Charley doesn’t tell him about the offer from the party. Davis then offers to come out to LA and then says he wants her closer.

Later on, Micah’s friend Isaiah returns to the dorm after his date while Micah’s playing spades with his frat. One of his frat brothers made a reference towards Micah’s friendship with Isaiah about his s*xuality. Micah is ready to defend Isaiah but Isaiah doesn’t get upset. And he returns the jab. 

When Aunt Vi and Hollywood make it to the motel, Celine and Gabriel are nowhere to be found which worries both of them. To make matters worse, Aunt Vi suspects she probably went back to her husband. 

Eventually, during the search, police find weed in the house and they place Nova under arrest.

Ralph Angel tells Darla the truth.

While on vacation, Ralph Angel’s mood changed and he’s dramatically silent while Darla’s talking. Darla notices something is wrong and approaches Ralph Angel. As Darla rubs his back, Ralph Angel tells the truth about what he did. Ralph Angel says Theo offered a job to drive a van full of unknown items and that Theo got arrested. This news obviously angers Darla and she goes off. Darla tells Ralph Angel he shouldn’t have lied about this and given her a false sense of security.

While in New Orleans, Charley visits Micah on campus to talk about her offers. She first tells him about the offer to run for Congress and Micah’s happy about it. She then tells Micah that she might have to go back to California to run. Micah asks if Davis put her up to move back and Charley doesn’t answer directly. Next, Micah tells Charley about Isaiah and how he might be queer. It hasn’t come up between them but he mentions Isaiah is a good friend and his brother.

Aunt Vi and Billie clash.

During their dinner, Billie and Prosper enjoy each other’s company. When Aunt Vi and Prosper stop by, this seemingly disappoints Billie. Hollywood notices and says they’re about to head out. However, this doesn’t go over well and tension ensures. Billie yells out that Jimmy Dale tried to assault her s*xually but she fought him off. She then walks away upset.


Later that night, Charley stops into a bar and meets with Billie who’s drowning her drama in whiskey. Charley tells her Prosper asked her to find her. Charley does her best to emphasize and relate to Billie and her feelings. She also tells her Aunt Vi was wrong for what she did but she’s dealing with her own pain.

Meanwhile, Nova’s in an interrogation room by herself. She prays, asking God for strength and clarity. The Detective walks in and Nova calls him out. She knows her rights and demands to be released. The Detective honors the request and releases her. When Nova walks out, she’s immediately greeted by Dominic and they hug.

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