‘The Conversation’ Recap: Akbar V Apologizes + Tommie Lee Goes All the Way Off

The Conversation Season 1 Episode 10
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Akbar V. and Tommie Lee discuss what to expect.

Tommie Lee and Akbar V arrive at the house and are in makeup preparing for their sit-down. Tommie even has her team burning sage. In Tommie’s dressing room, Akbar isn’t even a topic so far. Tommie and her team talk about their success with a party in Philadelphia. 

When they turn to Akbar, they all want this conversation to demonstrate how Tommie has grown and matured.

Meanwhile, Akbar is with her team talking about her mixtape release party. Akbar also wants this conversation to show she’s grown and she wants her team on their best behavior. As long as no one throws anything at her or tries to hit her, everything will be cool, regardless if they can come to an understanding or not.

Back in Tommie’s room, Tommie explains her side of the story of what happened in the studio. According to Tommie, she walked into the studio while Akbar was there and it was right after she was released from jail. She wasn’t in the best of moods. When the altercation went down, it occurred when Akbar was rude to her when she walked in. Tommie hypes herself up telling the story, saying Akbar is a fan and was jealous.

Akbar V is accused of clout chasing.

Tommie and her team believe Akbar kept using the incident for clout. However, Akbar tells her team she doesn’t have anything to prove. In fact, she says she was wrong for her part of what happened. Akbar says she didn’t know her at the time of the incident. She’s also going into the conversation with a positive mindset. 

However, Tommie’s seemingly frustrated she’s even dealing with this, pointing out she’s focused on her daughter who’s in an elite school, and her mom who’s getting out of prison in a few days after this taping. She also calls Akbar a starving artist and they want to set clear boundaries and drop knowledge to her.

Tommie goes off about Joseline’s song being played on set.

Before they even get to film, Tommie throws a fit and threatens to leave. She demands to be let out of the gate of the mansion. Tommie’s furious someone on her team played a song from Joseline Hernandez. Producers do their best to calm her down who’s outside in nothing but her Christian Dior robe. Eventually, Tommie jumps over the fence, and her team runs after her. Tommie then goes off on them about the song. While she’s furious, Tommie is eventually brought back inside of the fence and walks back into the house.

As this episode goes on outside, Akbar witnesses the outburst from a balcony outside her room. Afterward, Akbar meets with producers, letting them know she’s now wary of doing this sit-down with Tommie. While she agrees to continue, Akbar’s on edge, ready for Tommie to cause a confrontation.

The actual conversation is very short.

Eventually, Akbar and Tommie make it to the living room inside the mansion so their conversation can begin. Tommie comes out smiling and sits down while Akbar stands up behind her chair. Both of them stare at each other. Akbar then begins their conversation saying she’s trying to be a bigger person. She mentions that their incident was years ago and apologizes for what happened.

Akbar accuses Tommie of being drunk. And she says that Tommie hasn’t changed at all. So she doesn’t see how the conversation can go any further. Both women head back to their dressing rooms.

Later on, Tommie’s still going off about Akbar, and the production’s starting to tear down their set. Meanwhile, Akbar’s feeling vindicated as Tommie’s denied their altercation in the past.

Tommie then goes back outside, causing another panic with production as she’s going off about the short interaction with Akbar.

A second chance at a conversation goes left.

However, the producers were able to convince Akbar and Tommie to try their talk once more time and Akbar heads out first. She’s still trying to play cool since she feels she has too much to lose. Security is closer to them in case something does happen. But Akbar feels bad for Tommie, saying she’s drinking to avoid her demons. In fact, she says Tommie needs rehab.

Tommie ultimately returns and this time she has a vape. The Executive Producer is out trying to explain what happened and Akbar tells them she saw Tommie outside during the previous commotion. But Tommie says she’s not drunk and that’s just how she talks. And the blowup wasn’t about Akbar. Tension continues to build.

Tommie throws furniture at Akbar V.

The two then begin yelling at each other about their altercation and Akbar continues to say Tommie is drunk. It’s at this point, Tommie throws a vase at Akbar which is caught by security. Akbar then loses her cool and security keeps them separated. Tommie then begins talking about Akbar’s parenting. Tommie’s team then grabs her and pulls her away from the set. Akbar walks out of the mansion with her team, and Tommie goes off on a cameraman.

The women are restrained and the conversation is over.

Everything is shut down for good. Akbar feels pity for Tommie and is glad she kept herself together.

Eventually, Tommie and her team leave the mansion. But, before they leave, lamps, shades, and furniture were damaged.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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