Spice Labels Her Behavior on LHHATL as Aggressive Amid Criticism from Fans

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Erica Mena’s comments to Spice resulted in her being fired from LHHATL.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars just wrapped up one of the most controversial seasons yet. Spice and Erica Mena fell out after Safaree Samuels made some very interesting claims. He told Spice that Erica lied about him not paying child support. He then showed her proof of him making payments this year. To top off, Safaree also told Spice that Erica was jealous when he was concerned during her medical scare. According to Safaree, Erica questioned why he cared about Spice but didn’t have the same concern when she nearly died giving birth. When Erica and Spice met up to talk about the situation, things went left. At one point, Spice told Erica her son hates her. And Erica called Spice a monkey.

Erica’s comments to Spice did not sit well with multiple cast members as well as fans of the show. It was eventually decided that Erica would no longer be on LHHATL. MTV released a statement confirming that Erica will not be on the upcoming season.

While many “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans were happy with this decision, others felt like Spice should have been held accountable as well.

Interestingly enough, former LHHATL star Akbar V has her own history with Spice. She hopped on X and told her followers that Spice had been acting like a bully and no one called her out about this.

Akbar wrote, “This season on Lhh ain’t nobody seeing how Spice is the bully? 🤣🤣😂😂 and that is what gets me.”

Spice addressed her behavior.

She went on to say that Karlie Redd was clearly in “fear for her life” when Spice attempted to run up on her during the season finale. Karlie was caught off guard because she and Spice were not even engaging at the moment before the attack occurred. As for Spice, she was upset that Karlie allowed her house to be used to film a music video. Spice has been fuming about Karlie buying a house next to hers. She believes this is an invasion of her and her children’s privacy.

Well, Spice talked about this during the LHHATL special recently filmed about colorism and racism. The cast discussed Erica’s comments and their experiences with bigotry. During the special, Spice said she was very “aggressive” while filming.

“I have been pretty aggressive this season. Again, I feel like it stems from a lot of things. A lot of hurt, a lot of pain, a lot of anger inside. I’m going to leave this table to work on myself, to heal. I have had a traumatic experience as well. With Karlie’s situation, because that’s what we ended with, it comes from a place of every time I love someone, they hurt me or betray me. And I think I sometimes let my anger get the best of me and I just gotta work on myself and take accountability for being angry because I’m so hurt.”

She continued, “I don’t wanna blame it on colorism because I do know a lot of people instill a lot of things on me because of my color. So I’m already guilty based on anything. And so I take full accountability for being a little hurt and angry this season. But I’m gonna work on that and work on myself. And I know I’m gonna heal and take away a lot from everything. But I’ll work on myself. I started my journey and I know I’ll overcome.”


    1. Sometimes you have to put yourself in other ppl shoes …Karli is no saint…..she’s been messy and mouthy since she’s been on the show which is WHY she can’t keep friends….Spice told her not to buy that house and she did anyway….it’s giving Fatal Attraction meets Single White Female….she didn’t have to buy a house right next door. Then she rented it out to ppl who’s disturbing the peace and Spices kids don’t feel safe …I understand where she’s coming from…if she doesn’t want to be friends then move along and get over it. Karli is constantly harassing her trying to be friends and then when Spice get angry Karli is playing the pitiful victim….I don’t feel sorry for her at all ..she does way too much and crosses too many boundaries for me

      1. Spice has no right to tell anyone where they can and cannot live. She is not God or queen of anything. Karlie wanted to move in that neighborhood first and Spice bought a house there after Karlie told her she wanted to be in that neighborhood. Did Karlie get mad at Spice for that? No. Spice has no right to attack Karlie! Spice is always attacking other black women and given passes. Why?! Karlie can do what she wants with her house. I doubt you’d be okay with someone telling you where you can’t live and putting their hands on you like that!

        1. I was about to say Karlie was the one who told Spice about that neighborhood in the first place. Spice is out of her mind thinking she has a say so where another grown woman lives. Karlie ain’t no stalker. Spice is just narcissistic and delusional. She really acts like she’s the biggest star in the world. Where’s the humility?

        2. I totally agree!! Karlie is not perfect and can be a bit much at times but she is an awesome friend. Spice is horrible to her.

      2. You hit the nail on the head, could not have said or put it more perfert. Karlie knows what she is doing, shes obsessed with Spice and wants to do nothing but throw rocks then hide her hand playing victim. Spice has been nothing but a friend and good to Karlie. Karlie used Spice, is weird, a dangerous friend and needs a psychologist!

        1. Umm who is Spice though?! How has she been a good friend to anyone on this platform, especially Karlie? All she does is turn on her girlfriends because she expects all of them to worship the ground she walks on. When they don’t, she tears them down. Spice has done much worse to people on LHHATL than Karlie ever has and Spice hasn’t even been on the show as long as Karlie. Yall need to stop pretending it’s okay for black women to be violent for dumb reasons. Especially when that violence is towards another black person. How are yall against Erica’s racism but okay with Spice’s track record of verbal and physical abuse to other black women? It’s all wrong.

          1. 💯 agree!! I use to like Spice until she became this mean girl! She kills me with this big bad/bully mentality & then when she’s called out she goes and build a team to have others on her side to go against whomever she’s mad at then want play victim to justify her actions.

      3. U can’t tell a grown person what they can buy and not buy I would of bought it to spice ain’t her mama LIKE THE NERVE OF PEOPLE


  1. Spice is saying what she thinks will stop the backlash. She really thought she could tell Karlie not to buy a house in her neighborhood and she would do it. Makes no sense. Karlie was not moving in with her. They can be neighbors and not see each other, enteract, or socialize, how many people don’t deal with the neighbors? Spice has been on her bullying ways to to long. She has to realize that she is not the only person who has been through a tragic situation. She not the only one with her complexion, is not a reason to be a bully. She has to admit that she is a bully all that is is a part of her actions, not the sole reason.

  2. Spice is annoying as f-ck and she acts the way does because all the people who would whoop her a-s left the show. Tokyo was 100 right about everything she ever said about Spice.

  3. There was nothing okay or rational about how Spice treated Karlie. She really thinks everyone on the show needs to bow down to her and she can treat anyone like trash because of her success. She may not be racist but she has a lot of similarities with Erica Mena. Like Erica, Spice thinks it’s acceptable to hurt people just because she’s angry. She’s a horrible friend too. It’s always all about her.

    1. Facts, Like Who TV Do She Think She Is?
      She Talking About People Bein Fake Take A Look In The Mirror Girl Bye, Friend’s Tell Each Other The Truth No Matter What Now Who’s The Fake Friend????
      Have Several Seat’s Ms. Ma’am Because Aren’t You The Pot Callin The Kettle Black Smmfh.

  4. Here’s a question should Spice be let go from the show because of her attitude and bullying ways? Do you think she should be held accountable for the way she treats people? Well while I like Spice she does have some nasty ways and does come across as being a bully. Since so many cast members have complained about her perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to Spice also. She needs anger management classes as well as a good therapist or psychologist to deal with her inner demons.

  5. Spice has been attacking people with her mouth the entire season. She uses the fact that she came from Jamaica and made it as an excuse. She is jus like any other woman I. The world and jus because she is dark skin and from the islands does not mean she gets a pass. Disrespect is disrespect and she did that repeatedly to everyone and was not held accountable for anything. Erica was wrong but Spice crossed the line saying anything about Erica’s child. Nothing of that nature should have came out of her mouth and I think she should be fired also. Kids are off limits point blank.

  6. Spice put Erica in a very messed up prodicticimiciment we’re she had to defend herself and get herself and get outta there.

  7. Spice need to stop acting so stupid about Karlie buying a house in the neighborhood because her storyline is not all that great

  8. I Said it once I will say it again Spice TRASH she DON’T LIKE BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN that is how a lot of blacks from africa and the islands feel.Spice has no right to tell someone where they can live why don’t she move hell she doesn’t have her kids most of the time anyway.I feel she should have been terminated along with Erica…she was plotting on jumping on Karla soon as the cameras were down.#firethebluemonkey

  9. I don’t think Erica meant it to be racist. No more than if she called Spice a blue pig!! Would they have fired her for that? I say fire Spice too. She is not a good fit for the show.

  10. Uhhh… excuse you? How do Africans come into this mess?? Africans have no issue with y’all. Its mostly the other way around . And please specify which countries. Dont ignorantly say Africans. We have over 54 countries , some in West, North, Central and Southern Africa…The people in these different regions have different demeanors the most aggressive being west africans and the most passive being southern and central Africans. So please do not ignorantly generalise. And either way in my observation, y’all dont like Aficans and some will respond aggressively and some will not. I dont know when it started or why but all I know is dont generalise or assume. That is prejudice!!! Dead wrong!

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