‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Micah is Conflicted & Davis Makes a Bold Decision

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 8
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Darla’s prepared for the change.

Ralph Angel and Darla speak after a long night’s rest. Still thinking about what transpired, Ralph Angel is in shock about losing the farm. Darla assures him that wherever they are, is where they are supposed to be. And the Landry family can’t change that. So they need to prepare for the birth of their daughter. They will be a family wherever they are and their home is where their family will be. Everything will be fine.

Nova is still processing the police raiding her home. She finds a piece of broken glass on the floor. She has to get control of her breathing and she’s still upset about all that’s occurred.

The Farmer’s settlement isn’t what they expected.

Charley tells the Black Farmers Association that they won their settlement. However, they only received $20,000 and $20,000 from the American Rescue Plan. Although they deserved more, Charley says this is still progress. Ralph Angel is disappointed and so are the other farmers. But Charley assures them that they will live to fight another day. She thanks them for their cooperation.

After they end the meeting, Charley asks Ralph Angel how he’s doing. While he’s feeling a little better, Charley says that she’s not giving up on the farm because the land belongs to their family. And everything is going to be okay.

Micah shows off his latest photos to Isaiah for his upcoming art show at The Real Spot. He thanks Isaiah for always being there for him and showing him how to cope with meditation. He’s thankful to have a support system like Isaiah.

Hollywood’s concerned about Aunt Vi.

While Hollywood and Aunt Vi are talking, Vi displays a serious lack of energy. Hollywood says that he can skip out on Micah’s art show to keep his eye on her. But she says she just didn’t sleep much worrying about Ralph Angel. And she’s fine so he should not cancel his plans.

Dominic checks in on Nova with some gumbo He was worried because he hasn’t seen her in a while. Nova says she’s going on a road trip to reconnect with her ancestors because she hasn’t heard from them lately. She’s just going to drive and see where her spirit takes her. Dominic offers to go with her and she accepts.

Hollywood heads to The Real Spot with Ralph Angel and other farmers. Micah hears them expressing frustrations with the settlement and tells them they could forcibly fight for change. Isaiah’s there with him and they both seemingly get movement from the farmers.

Davis has a surprise for Charley.

Meanwhile, Charley is at home when Davis calls. They both miss each other and Davis decided to do something incredibly nice for her. In fact, he tells her there are tickets, a car outside her home and she needs to pack an overnight bag.

Dominic and Nova are on their impromptu road trip when they stop at a gas station in St. Josephine. Dominic tells Nova about a project he’s working on where he’s petitioning the state to research and find land that was stolen from black families and have them marked as historic sites.

Back at the Real Spot, Hollywood apologizes to Ralph Angel for being hard on him at Aunt Vi’s concerning the land. Meanwhile, Micah’s exhibit seemingly makes one of the farmers uncomfortable. One of the images shows Micah resting his head on Isaiah’s shoulder. But before things escalate, Hollywood intervenes as the farmer criticizes Isaiah and Micah. As this goes on, Aunt Vi ends up passing out at home in her bedroom.

Back at the Real Spot, Isaiah and Micah stand up for themselves in light of the critical thoughts from one of the farmers. Isaiah explains that men in other countries would show affection for one another publicly. However, the farmer responds, telling them that they aren’t overseas anymore. Meanwhile, Dominic and Nova head to Whitney Plantation for a walking tour. They are nervous and feel eerie feelings as they walk around. Dominic specifically feels anger rise up from the treatment of their ancestors and the current treatment they endure.

Hollywood discovers Aunt Vi on the bedroom floor.

Hollywood makes it home and notices Aunt Vi sitting up next to the bed wincing in pain. She tells Hollywood she lost her balance. Hollywood does his best to talk her into going to the hospital. Despite her pleas, he promises to take her to the hospital if she doesn’t get better overnight.

As the tour continues, Dominic and Nova end up in a chapel with paintings and sculptures of the former slaves on the plantation. They encounter kids playing and one of them tells Nova she’s pretty. When they leave, Nova experiences a flow of emotions.

Later that night, Isaiah and Micah head back to their dorm and Micah’s not happy with how the exhibit went. It hurt Micah’s confidence but Isaiah does his best to keep Micah’s spirits up. But it doesn’t go well. This leads to a tense conversation between the two. Isaiah warns Michael not to fall victim to toxic masculinity. Micah says that he doesn’t and he’s even taken up for Isaiah while people criticize him for being gay.

But Isaiah says he never confirmed his s*xuality and he doesn’t have to. He puts his hand on Micah’s shoulder but Micah withdraws. The exchange makes Isaiah tearful and he doesn’t even really know who Micah is anymore. So he storms off.

Ralph Angel makes a surprise stop at Aunt Vi and Hollywood’s. He wanted to check in on her and let her know he wants to make things right. Aunt Vi tells him he’s a good family man. She also tells him he had the good sense to send Blue to the school in DC. Aunt Vi even admits that she was hurt about Blue leaving. Ralph Angel admits he made bad decisions regarding the farm. However, Aunt Vi doesn’t seem to care as she tells him he still has a family.

Davis proposes to Charley.

As the tour ends, Dominic receives a call from work. He has a project that needs to be finished. Nova tells him they needed this break as a way to heal their scars. Dominic says he’s okay to miss those deadlines as he wanted the chance to get to know Nova better.

Charley took the car to her and Davis’ old apartment building where Davis surprises her. Davis takes her inside where the place is decorated as it was when they first met. They begin reminiscing about those days. As they’re talking, Davis gets on one knee and pulls out a ring to propose. This shocks Charley and she tells Davis about the opportunity to run for Congress.

After a teary-eyed moment, Charley declines the proposal. At this time, Charley wants both of them to focus on their dreams. She tells Davis she wants to make sure it works for both of them. Davis tearfully accepts this answer. And he says he will wait for her.

The next day, Charley and Micah are at Aunt Vi’s. Charley tells them about the opportunity to run for Congress. Aunt Vi and Micah are happy for her and encourage Charley to accept the offer. Aunt Vi asks about Davis and Charley says he’s supportive. When Charley gets home, she texts Davis.

Meanwhile, Darla and Ralph Angel are still on the farm. Darla found an apartment for both of them. Ralph Angel isn’t ready to accept that they must leave the farm. But he tells Darla he’s willing to go back to the nursing home for work.

They then share a hug as the camera pans away.

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