Could There Be a Possibility of a Truce Between ‘Black Ink Crew’ Stars Donna & Miss Kitty?

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Miss Kitty had a nasty exit from “Black Ink Crew.”

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Miss Kitty didn’t exactly have the best exit from “Black Ink Crew.” In fact, she fell out with multiple people from the New York cast after it was rumored she hooked up with Ryan Henry. For Ceaser, this would be a form of betrayal since he dated Kitty and formed a friendship with Ryan years ago. Both Ryan and Kitty denied that they ever hooked up. However, Ceaser and some of the others didn’t believe them. So Kitty’s time in New York became very contentious. Not only did she clash with Ceaser, but things became strained with Donna, Tati, and Young Bae as well. All three women accused Kitty of not being honest about her situation with Ryan.

As the drama went on, Kitty and Tati came to blows. Kitty almost had an altercation with Young Bae. And Donna made some threats. So Kitty took her talents to 2nd City Ink.

Unfortunately, Kitty is also having some issues in Chicago. She fell out with Charmaine over disagreements about the business. Plus, Kitty is no longer in a good place with Ryan either. They clashed after Kitty told Ryan how she really felt about him sleeping with his close friend’s baby momma.

Interestingly enough, some fans are starting to wonder if there could be a possibility of a truce happening between Donna and Kitty after recent social media posts.

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