‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Dutchess Has a New Show on the Way

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

There is a lot more in the works for Dutchess.

Dutchess felt it was right for her to move on from “Black Ink Crew” years ago. She wasn’t on good terms with most of the cast at that point. Plus, she took issue with how the producers at the time, Black Fish Productions, were doing things. So she moved on to owning her own tattoo shop, Pretty-n-Ink. She also began a radio career. Plus, she now owns her own production company. In fact, her passion for business is what Ceaser said motivated him to own more shops. So she has no interest in ever returning to the show. Or being romantically involved with Ceaser again. For Dutchess, it’s been all about consistent growth.

Interestingly enough, Dutchess has another show in the works.

During an interview with Level 21 Magazine, Dutchess talked about her production company. She’s had some major projects, including several with major artists Lil Baby, Future, and NBA Youngboy. But she has a new show she’s working on.

She told the publication it’s not a reality show but it will be “reality-based.” And the show will focus on positive things that Black men and Black women can appreciate.

Dutchess will begin filming the new show next August. It’s unclear if Dutchess will be a part of the cast or working behind the scenes on the project.

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