Porsha Williams Says She Met Simon Guobadia Before RHOA Appearance + No Wedding Date

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It’s a courtship for Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia.

People have a lot to say already about Porsha Williams’ new show, “Porsha’s Family Matters.” And the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been addressing her controversial engagement in her latest round of interviews. She made an appearance on “Tamron Hall” and discussed the backlash she’s been receiving. At one point in the interview, she revealed that they haven’t set a wedding date yet.

“Right now, we haven’t set our date. We are dating right now. He’s still courting me. You don’t want to stop. It’s a courtship.” In response to this, Tamron asked, “How are you engaged and dating?” Porsha then asked if Tamron Hall dates her husband. In response to this, Tamron said, “No, I married him.”

Porsha went on to say that it’s important for her and Simon to still date. She said that they are courting and that’s what they do in the South. And she and Simon just bought a house together. Tamron responded with, “I’m Southern. You’re buying a home before marriage? That breaks a Southern rule.”

Porsha Williams said she met Simon Guobadia before he appeared on RHOA.

Falynn Guobadia was discussed. Porsha brought up how new people are brought on the show.

“When we bring people on the show to try out to be casted, they have to be brought in by another cast member. So sometimes those things are kind of put in a way other than how it actually is.”

After she was asked if she and Falynn were friends, Porsha said they weren’t.

“I wanted to be. What I wanted for her was to introduce her to the show and for her to be a housewife. But it didn’t work out. She ended up wanting to be friends with someone else…”

Porsha went on to say that she actually met Simon before his appearance on RHOA. And Falynn had nothing to do with that.

“Was she a friend of mine? No. She wanted to be casted on the show. It didn’t work out for her. Simon and I actually have mutual friends. And I’ve met him over the years here and there. So for me, there’s no personal connection with her when it came to him.

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