‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Tati Reveals She Was Jumped + Miss Kitty Seemingly Responds

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Miss Kitty and Tati had a nasty fallout.

Black Ink Crew” star Miss Kitty didn’t have the best exit from the New York show. For years, it seemed as if she formed solid friendships with the others. She dated Ceaser, and their split was cordial. Ceaser even attended her mother’s funeral. The whole crew traveled to do the same and be there for Kitty during such a trying moment in her life. However, things went left after Sky repeated what she saw on a blog. According to the report, Kitty hooked up with Ryan from 9 Mag. Although Kitty said that this is what actually happened, Ceaser didn’t believe her. Tati and Donna went on to say that Kitty told them that the hookup happened. And she said that Ryan’s “manhood” was on the smaller side. Kitty once again denied sleeping with Ryan and telling Tati any of this.

Tensions in the shop began to rise as Kitty continued to deny the hookup. Eventually, Kitty came to blows with Tati at the Black Ink prom. She would later say that it truly hurt her to witness her friends turn on her like that. And to make matters worse, she also had a blowup with Young Bae as well. So she decided to take her talents to Chicago. There she worked as Charmaine’s Brand Manager at 2nd City Ink until they fell out.

Well, over the weekend, Tati told followers that she was jumped. As she showed off her bruises and scratches, some people on social media weren’t so sympathetic. Interestingly enough, Kitty may have responded, too.

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