OG Reveals What’s Next for Her After Her Departure from ‘Basketball Wives’

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OG had her share of feuds.

Basketball Wives” star OG’s time on the show ended up being very controversial. She was able to form solid friendships with Tami Roman and Cece Gutierrez. However, she had some heated moments with Kristen Scott. Their issues only worsened after OG told the group that Kristen’s husband Thomas Scott was adopted by Byron Scott. OG later said that it was Cece who first told her this. So this also worsened the preexisting issues between Cece and Kristen. While some of the other women felt OG was messy to make this revelation, Tami and Cece supported OG. Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal were two of the main cast members who said OG went too far.

Eventually, OG would have tension with Evelyn. Evelyn shaded OG about her feet and said they were always hanging out of her open-toed shoes. OG called her out about this but their issues heightened after OG said Chad Johnson is a friend. Evelyn didn’t believe OG. But OG would later show past messages from Chad hitting on her. Later on, OG and Evelyn’s issues spread over onto social media. At one point, OG accused Evelyn of being racist. She believed Evelyn’s usage of a laughing monkey emoji on Instagram was referencing her.

OG departed “Basketball Wives” after another controversial season.

Evelyn denied using the monkey emoji to take a shot at OG. So she filed a defamation lawsuit against her. OG clapped back with an emotional distress countersuit. Things got so bad that the women didn’t film together during the past season.

OG also accused the cast of having a colorism issue. She believes this is the reason why some of the ladies didn’t want to film the reunion with her and said that she made them fear for their safety.

Well, OG did not film for the upcoming season. She and Evelyn have both departed the show amid their messy legal battle. Some fans have been wondering what’s going on with OG because she’s been radio silent on Instagram for a while. Interestingly enough, she did confirm that she has some projects in the works.

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