Tammy Rivera Sets the Record Straight Amid Rumors of Breakup with Waka Flocka

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Tammy Rivera doesn’t want half.

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera’s romance definitely had some controversial moments. Tammy received a lot of criticism on social media for taking Waka back after he cheated on her multiple times. Eventually, she grew tired of the backlash. And she began clapping back. On their show, “What the Flocka,” it was clear that Tammy didn’t like the backlash she was getting online. But in Waka’s opinion, Tammy being on the receiving end of online criticism was good for her because it made her a “beast.” He truly believed the situation made her a stronger person.

One thing Tammy appreciated about Waka is his love for her daughter. He’s a father figure in her life. And even though now it’s been rumored that the couple quietly called it quits, Tammy told Instagram users that she and Waka will be friends for life.

Interestingly enough, she had more to say on Instagram, recently.

Waka caught the attention of people on Instagram when he posted a message about some women not wanting to go half on the bills but wanting half of everything during a divorce.

The message reads, “How y’all wanna be married and don’t split the bills, but get a divorce and want half of his sh*t ? ”

Well, some people began to speculate that Waka was referring to Tammy. When one Instagram user assumed this in a comment, Tammy clapped back.

She wrote, “Sweetie stfu, I ain’t her…I don’t need half of nothing from no one. Got my own bread…leave my name out this chat.”

You can check out the screenshot here.

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