David Edwards Threatens to Snatch off Tami Roman’s Wig + She Defends Calling Husband

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David Edwards and Tami Roman were hoping for some closure and progression.

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” has a lot of people talking on social media. On the recent episode, Tami Roman almost went back to her “Basketball Wives” self. Things were going well until the cast decided to answer the random prewritten questions in the fishbowl that was sitting on the table. Irene Berrera-Kearns was asked about her thoughts on certain incidents, including George Floyd’s murder. Irene is a retired police officer. Years ago, she had a controversial moment with David Edwards. After the blanket incident, Irene threatened to call the police and tell them that a r*pe occurred. Irene apologized for this when the cast got back together to film “The Real World Homecoming.” So she wanted to be careful when she answered this prewritten question.

Irene said that she will always support law enforcement. However, she has participated in Black Lives Matter protests. And she is against police brutality. However, she admitted she didn’t speak up when she saw injustices happen with other officers. Tami called her out about this. And then the conversation turned into what the rest of the cast feels about the movement as a whole.

A discussion about race resulted in Tami Roman and David Edwards clashing, again.

Glen Naessens ended up talking about the moment that his black friend was called the N-word at a pizza place. Tami told him that he cannot use the word because he is not black. Irene tried to check Glen but she got checked by Tami because she also used the N-word.

Jon Brennan was also called out by Tami for referring to the black youth who he’s been helping as “colored.”

While Tami has no problem speaking her mind, she was disappointed that David didn’t have much to say as everything unfolded. This will later lead to Tami and David having another major blowup. And at one point, David threatened to snatch off Tami’s wig. So she called her husband Reggie Youngblood to handle the situation. Recently, Tami defended her actions.

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