Shekinah Anderson Praises Kandi Burruss + Says TI is One Reason Why She Hates Men

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Shekinah Anderson appreciates Kandi Burruss.

Shekinah Anderson is currently speaking her mind on the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” Prior to that, she had some explosive moments on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” However, she’s been a hot topic on social media lately because of her fallout with Tiny Harris. And she recently had some things to say about the couple on Instagram Live. She praised “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss, too.

“This is my own reason why I f*ck with Kandi. It ain’t got nothing to do with nobody. Now listen, I f*ck with Kandi because when I got kicked off TI and Tiny’s show, I reached out to Kandi because I needed help on what I needed to do to get my own show, okay? So she helped me. Her and Todd [Tucker] helped me, okay?”

She continued, “They go so far, I don’t care what nobody say about her…But all I can tell you is I will never have nothing bad to say about Kandi because she stood up and took all the time, her and her husband, they tried to help me get a reality show. She filmed with my grandmother, she filmed with my momma. She tried to do that for me. And that’s always gonna be something to me and I’ma always f*ck with her for that, you know what I’m saying? Cause she was a real one.”

Shekinah Anderson made more accusations.

Shekinah accused TI of embarrassing her when they were on a plane while Tiny was doing “Tiny Tonight.” Apparently, producers of the talk show put TI and Shekinah on the same plane.

“So they gave me a first-class flight. Do y’all know this light skin n*gga, this light skin n*gga, this little bitty n*gga, walks up on me…leaving from LA, I’m actually on the flight, I’m in a seat before him. And that n*gga told me, that n*gga said, ‘How did the help make it to first-class?’ Y’all it was so many white folks on the plane in first class. That motherf*cker said, ‘How did the help make it to first-class?'”

Shekinah also said TI doesn’t really care about black people. “He ain’t never put his hands on me. He never touched me. But he would cuss me out like some sh*t. And I’d cuss his a*s back out. Talking bout black lives matter. Who the f*ck they matter to? It don’t matter to him. He’s lying. He don’t give a f*ck about no black people.”

She added, “I never did nothing to that black man but been nice to him, his family, his momma and do all they hair on discount and he would still walk around and treat me like sh*t.”

Shekinah said TI is one of the reasons why she hates men. “That man don’t give a f*ck about a black life. And he don’t give a f*ck about a woman. He is half of the reason I hate men.” She continued, “He is half of the reason that I don’t like men. It’s because of him.”

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