Dennis McKinley & Mama Gina Discuss Altercation with Porsha Williams

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The family retreat didn’t work out for Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams.

Porsha Williams said her co-parenting relationship with Dennis McKinley changed for the worst after she became engaged to Simon Guobadia. In fact, they have been clashing a lot on “Porsha’s Family Matters.” Porsha continues to call Dennis out for the decisions he made when they were together. In particular, she is still angry that he cheated on her while she was pregnant. It came out that the woman used to work at one of Dennis’ clubs. And Porsha was outraged when she was rehired. However, Dennis said he didn’t know that she would be rehired. He employs over 600 people. So he doesn’t always keep up with recent hires. Of course, Porsha isn’t buying this.

Regardless of the tension, Porsha still wanted Dennis and Mama Gina to attend the family retreat. The family flew to Mexico to take part in spiritual activities under the guidance of Porsha’s sister, Lauren Williams. She wanted to keep the peace. So she asked Dennis not to bring another woman to Mexico. Porsha didn’t want Dennis to bring another woman around either. When Dennis ended up doing just that, things got even worse on the trip.

On the recent episode, tempers flared when the group tried to come together and have a family dinner. Dennis and Porsha’s cousin Storm argued. Porsha told Dennis and Gina to leave. By the end of the episode, Porsha swung on Dennis. While Porsha and her family tried to avoid discussing the altercation, Dennis opened up about what he recalls happened.

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