Lauren Williams Responds to People Who Feel She Doesn’t Hold Porsha Williams Accountable

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People have a lot to say about Porsha’s spinoff.

Porsha Williams denied leaving “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to dodge the criticism surrounding her engagement. In fact, she said it’s actually harder to film a show with her family. On “Porsha’s Family Matters,” her engagement to Simon Guobadia has been discussed. Simon revealed he’s been married three times. He also has five children. However, the biggest source of drama on the show involves Dennis McKinley. In Porsha’s opinion, their co-parenting relationship took a hit after she got engaged. So the plan was to have a family retreat in Mexico so things could be addressed from all parties. But Porsha was upset when Dennis brought a woman to Mexico. While the woman didn’t attend any of the family events, Porsha thought it was wrong for Dennis to do this when the focus was supposed to be blending their families.

Things got so bad in Mexico that Porsha and Dennis were involved in an altercation. Porsha exchanged words with Dennis and Mama Gina during dinner. She told them to leave. As things got really tense between Gina and Porsha, Dennis got in between them. This resulted in Porsha swinging on him.

While the episode was the peak of the drama thus far, fans are starting to criticize Porsha’s loved ones. In fact, some believe Porsha’s family doesn’t call her out enough.

Interestingly enough, Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams had something to say to people who say she needs to hold Porsha accountable.

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