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‘VH1: Family Reunion’ Recap: Erica & Kimbella Make Peace + Cyn & Erica Can’t Be Cordial

vh1 family reunion season 2 episode 5 cyn

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Jonathan is over it.

Mimi tries to talk Cyn and Jonathan out of leaving. But Jonathan isn’t backing down. He’s not okay with people twisting his words and calling him racist. Even though Mimi wants Jonathan to talk to Erica before he goes, she understands Jonathan has a right to do what he feels is best for him.

Erica is also a hot topic because of the fact that kissed Amina in front of the group. Shekinah says Erica did too much as a married woman. And Safaree says he didn’t appreciate it because it’s double standards with Erica.

Kimbella and Erica make peace.

When the group gets on the bus to head out for the day, they notice Jonathan and Cyn aren’t there. It comes up that Jonathan is upset about Erica’s comments. Erica says she doesn’t owe anyone an apology except Kimbella for their fight years ago. Kimbella hears her out and they talk about their altercation. Erica says she should have pulled Kimbella aside to tell her about the rumors she heard. So she apologizes. The two women hug it out.

While everyone is on the beach for Safaree’s Jamaica Day, Rich knocks Cisco’s drink out his hand. Rich tells Cisco he’s been drinking too much. And he was talking crazy to Cyn about Booby the other night because he was drunk. Rich urges Cisco to get it together before he ends up in a very messy situation.

It’s a new chapter for Stevie J.

Stevie J. makes it to the reunion. In a green screen interview, Stevie says he filed for divorce from Faith. Relationships have their ups and downs. So he will have to see how things play out. He speaks to everyone, even Erica despite their past beef. He hugs her and congratulates her on her babies. In a green screen interview, Stevie says that they have both moved on. So it’s all love.

When he gets around everyone, he apologizes to Mimi for all the bad things he’s done to her over the years. He feels he was just young and dumb back then. In a green screen interview, Mimi says she’s received a lot of apologies from Stevie. So actions are what matter to her now.

Later that night, the group hangs out. Jonathan and Cyn decide they aren’t leaving. Jonathan wants to finish what he started.

Cyn and Erica can’t move forward.

Shekinah throws a bonfire. She apologizes to Peter for their heated exchange. Shekinah wants everyone to use the moment to speak their mind.

Zell apologizes to Mimi. He says she was his first celebrity client. They began to clash after his career took off. They threw shade at each other on social media. But Zell realizes that he’d still be homeless if Mimi didn’t give him a chance. She accepts his apology and they hug.

Cyn gets up to apologize for bringing negative energy around due to her tension with Cisco. Erica shows up and it gets awkward. Shekinah urges the two women to hash out their issues. Neither is interested in doing this. In a green screen interview, Erica says she will only apologize for the things she actually did. And Cyn says she just doesn’t care for Erica. There is no way for them to be in a cordial place.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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