‘Married to Medicine’ Alum Buffie Purselle Blasts Dr. Jackie & Dr. Simone Amid RHOSLC Drama

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Buffie Purselle didn’t enjoy her time on “Married to Medicine,” and she still has strong opinions about it.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Jackie Walters doesn’t get tied up in controversy often on the show. While the others have been engaged in multiple feuds over the years, Jackie isn’t a fan of confrontations. She oftentimes plays the peacemaker role in the group. And she’s about making the other women hash out their issues so the group doesn’t get too divided. However, she struggled to get along with Buffie Purselle. While Jackie was giving a speech at an event, she talked about how hard it’s been knowing that she cannot have children. She then said Buffie can relate since she also has struggled with this.

While Jackie thought that she and Buffie could bond over their experiences, Buffie was humiliated. She didn’t like the fact that Jackie brought this up in a room full of strangers. Buffie went on to confront Jackie about this and Jackie became upset. For Jackie, it was absurd because she had no malicious intent. So she felt as if Buffie was trying to attack her. Jackie apologized to Buffie over the situation multiple times. However, they weren’t really able to resolve their issues before Buffie left the show.

Interestingly enough, Buffie recently had more things to say about Jackie and Dr. Simone Whitmore. She wonders when Bravo will hold both women accountable. Plus, she made some interesting accusations about Simone.

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