‘Power Book IV: Force’ Recap: Tommy Makes New Enemies & Learns Another Family Secret

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On the series premiere of “Power Book IV: Force,” Tommy was heading to California after losing Ghost and LaKeisha back in New York. He’s supposed to be working with a new drug organization there. However, he’s very emotional about everything that has happened. So he decides to make a pit stop in Chicago. The first thing he does is drive by his grandmother’s old house. A local informs him that she’s still alive and living in a nursing home. 

When he visits her, he finds out he has a brother. Both men lived very different lives. Tommy didn’t have his father around but JP did. However, JP never met their mother Kate. 

After Tommy meets a bartender named Gloria, he ends up flirting with her. This leads to him running into the Flynn family. They clash over Tommy’s car being parked in the way, and there’s a lot of tension. Tommy later busts in on the family’s upcoming drug drop and saves the lives of the son and Jenard, a BMI member. Tommy’s choice to take the drugs and cash as payment doesn’t sit well with the Flynn family or CBI. However, Tommy has decided he would be better off starting a new operation in Chicago than fleeing. 

Interestingly enough, Tommy isn’t the only one looking to start a new chapter. So is Jenard’s brother Diamond who just got out of prison. And he’s not fond of Tommy’s latest actions. 

Here’s a recap for, “A Short Fuse and Long Memory.”

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