Drew Sidora Responds to RHOA Fans Being Disappointed by Her Return + Confirms Feuds?

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Drew Sidora has new feuds on the upcoming season of RHOA.

Drew Sidora had a controversial first season on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Her feuds with Kenya Moore and LaToya Ali made her a hot topic on social media among RHOA fans. When it came to her issues with LaToya, there were complaints about the accusations Drew made about LaToya and her pastor. Drew accused LaToya of hooking up with her pastor. She felt this was wrong since the man was previously engaged with a baby. Kandi Burruss called Drew out for this because she thought it was wrong for Drew to place all the blame on LaToya. LaToya denied the accusations but Drew stood firm.

Another controversial moment in the feud was when Drew put LaToya on blast for a private conversation they had prior. Drew alleged that LaToya told her she wanted to cut down on drinking and get her life on track amid her split from her husband Adam Ali. Drew invited LaToya to church and LaToya accepted the invite. So the other women on the cast felt Drew went too far to expose LaToya in this way.

Some fans agreed that Drew went too far in her desire to get even with LaToya. So she received a lot of backlash on social media. There were also complaints when it was announced that Drew was returning for season 14.

Drew addressed the criticism during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She’s promoting her new Lifetime movie, “Line Sisters.” And she had something to say about the people who are disappointed that she’s back for another season.

She said, “On a good note I’m happy that people still get to know me. I feel like last season I had to come in and defend myself from the beginning and stand up for myself and just…throwing blows the whole time. And that’s not who I am. But if need be she will arise to the occasion but I have very many different sides to me that I think hopefully people will give me a chance. Get to know me, see those other sides, and embrace it.”

Drew also had some interesting things to say when she was asked about what the group dynamics have been like while the cast has been filming the upcoming season. Interestingly enough, she seemed to confirm the rumors about her clashing with Sheree Whitfield and Sanya Richards-Ross. When it came to Sheree, Drew threw some shade about Sheree’s “joggers” never actually happening.

“I’m really excited, I hope we see some fashions with Sheree coming, I’m just here for the fashions. I’m like where are they, haven’t seen them yet. I’ll keep you posted.” She added, “I haven’t seen them yet. I’m still trying to see where I can Google and get them. So I’m here for that though. If it happens, I’m here for it. I think it’s been a long time coming.”

She said getting to know Sanya has been a journey, “And the new girl, Sanya, I think she’s definitely adding to the group. You know, she’s an amazing track star, gold medalist. It doesn’t get better than that. So you know, getting to know her has been a journey, I’ll say that. It’s a journey, it’s been an interesting journey.”

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