‘Power Book IV: Force’ Recap: Tommy Sees a Familiar Face

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Walter has plans for Vic.

Tommy gets a call from his brother JP. Apparently, JP’s club was shot up, so he feels Tommy is the only person he could call for help. JP tells Tommy that he and his father run the place. But his ex-husband was helping out financially but no longer wants to. It’s the third time that the place has been targeted. And Tommy thinks someone is trying to get JP’s attention. Feeling bad about what happened, Tommy gives JP $10,000. He tells JP that he has a way for money to make money but they’ll talk later.

Walter is dying. His doctor leaves a voicemail telling him that they need to do more lab tests. But he knows his health is rapidly declining. Victor walks in on Walter as he struggles to keep himself from collapsing. And Vic thinks that his sister Claudia needs to know that Walter is very sick. However, Walter doesn’t want anyone else to know, not even Claudia. And he tells Vic he needs to straighten up because he’ll be in charge when Walter dies. 

Tommy sees a familiar face.

Jenard wants Diamond to talk to some younger guys that he thinks can be great muscle for their crew. However, Diamond isn’t interested. He believes younger men like this don’t do anything but cause trouble in an organization. They have to start doing things a different way.

While Tommy is walking, he gets pistol-whipped in the back of the head. Turns out his attacker is Liliana. Tommy sees her face and tells her he should have killed her when he had the chance back in New York. Since a police officer pulls up, they play it cool. Once the officer leaves, Liliana accuses Tommy of trying to kill her. He says she’s the one who ran up on him. But this is far from over. And Liliana tells him she can “get the drop” on him again very soon.

Gloria doesn’t see a future with Vic.

Vic is at Gloria’s place after she finishes taking a shower. He’s in love with her and wants them to run away together. Gloria feels this is unrealistic because Vic will always be tied to his father’s organization. And he must marry an Irish woman to uphold the Flynn legacy. So they are destined to be apart. He asks her if she’s seeing anyone else. She says no, deciding not to tell him about Tommy. When Gloria asks Vic to return her house key, he refuses. Vic tells her to just change the locks if she doesn’t want him there anymore. 

Tommy heads to Diamond’s barbershop. Jenard is there with the young prospects on guard in the parking lot. Tommy hands his bag over to Jenard. The drugs and cash from the failed re-up are all in there. When asked why he returned everything he took that day, Tommy says he just wanted to make things right. However, Tommy gets into it with one of Jenard’s men, so the prospects rush inside to point guns at Tommy. Although Diamond tells them to put down the guns, they only back off once Jenard tells them. 

Diamond and Tommy go for a walk outside of the shop but they are kidnapped by men who claim they work for Rojas. It’s Diamond they are really after, however, Tommy is dragged in since he was with him. 

Tommy and Diamond are up to the task.

After Diamond and Tommy are tied up, Rojas’ associates tell Diamond that they want payback for him putting their boss in a wheelchair. He has three hours to sell their drugs and Tommy will be held back as collateral. They don’t want to distribute the drugs to their clients themselves because police presence has been very heavy in the city. Diamond says he won’t move without Tommy because he’ll need a driver. 

Claudia tells Vic that she found a new drug that would help their organization move forward. However, Vic says that Walter will never go for them selling a “designer drug.” So Claudia needs to move on from this idea. 

Diamond and Tommy are en route to sell the drugs. Tommy says he just wants some of the cash they make and they can go their separate ways. Diamond admits that he beat up Rojas in prison. At the time, Rojas was taking some of Jenard’s business, so Diamond handled him the best way outside of killing him because he didn’t want to get life in the middle of the prison sentence he was already serving. 

Jenard gets caught up.

Tommy and Diamond are able to sell the drugs pretty smoothly at the first drop. He tells them he doesn’t work for Rojas and he’s a free agent. So they’ll be in touch again soon.

After their first successful drop-off, Diamond receives a FaceTime call. His brother Jenard was snatched up by Rojas’ men, and Diamond must now give them the money in an hour to spare Jenard’s life.

Claudia tries to persuade Walter into the family finding an exclusive drug to sell. He’s not interested in her ideas. And he questions why she badly wants to be in rooms she’s not allowed in. 

Tommy and Diamond make their last drop-off. Diamond waits in Tommy’s car and a police officer attempts to pull him over for texting while driving. Diamond tells the officer that the car was parked when he was texting. The officer asks Diamond for his license and registration since the car plates are out of state. However, Diamond refuses to take his hands off the steering wheel and make sudden movements. As the officer points his gun at Diamond, demanding he steps outside of the car, Tommy returns. 

Tommy tells the officer that David (Diamond) is his barber. And he’s fine with running his license and plates. Things come back fine. And the officer tells Tommy and Diamond to have a good day. Diamond says that he was in prison for 15 years but he sees that things haven’t changed. 

JP opens up more to Tommy.

Diamond and Tommy drop off the drugs and get Jenard back safely. Before Tommy and Diamond part ways, Diamond asks Tommy how he found out his real name. Tommy says he just “looks when no one else is looking.” Diamond realizes Tommy came around him to learn routes, make his connections, and set up his own organization in Chicago. He tells Tommy to watch his back because it could put them at odds later down the line. Regardless, Tommy gladly takes the $25,000 Diamond gives him for the help.

Later on, Tommy goes to his grandmother’s place to hand JP cash. However, JP wants to show Tommy something. It’s a video of Tommy as a little boy with his mother. JP said family is important to him now that he’s been pushed out of his son’s life. When he came out of the closet, his then-wife booted him out of their 14 year old’s life. So JP can’t locate him and hasn’t spoken to him in 14 years. Cameras then show his son looking at an old photo of them. 

JP has never had a brother so he doesn’t know how all of this works. And Tommy says he had a brother once, referring to a now-deceased Ghost.

Liliana could be useful. 

Tommy has one more thing to do. He locates Rojas’ associates who kidnapped Jenard. He puts them in a trunk and sets the car on fire. After doing this, he gives Diamond and Jenard an update. They now owe him once again. Jenard and Diamond are in shock by Tommy’s moves.

Gloria and Tommy chat again at her bar. Tommy knows that she gives money to the Flynn family for protection and she’s in too deep now. He offers to handle this for her but she doesn’t want someone else saving her. She’ll get herself out of it. They kiss and Vic watches on from a distance in anger. 

Tommy finds a new spot by handing over cash to a landlord. And he goes to Liliana’s place to take her out. He questions who told her he was in town. But his hostility runs short once he sees she has drugs he can sell. 

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